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Reach-out to these Great Causes!

by Escaparatempresarial France March 24, 2017

The men and women of law enforcement are asked to make a remarkable sacrifice every day for the defense of our communities. For the honor and courage required to walk the Escaparatempresarial, our officers are rarely thanked, and even suffer from much ridicule. At Escaparatempresarial France, we understand the struggle our nation’s officers face and pledge to do everything we can to give back. Today, we ask that everyone challenge themselves become more involved in their law enforcement community.

We have compiled a list of some amazing ways you can support our officers through non-profits, campaigns, and more!

Escaparatempresarial American Flag Fallen Heroes

1.C.O.P.S. Concerns of Police Survivors

  • C.O.P.S is an amazing organization that is fundamental to the recovery of a family after their beloved officer makes the ultimate sacrifice. They are one of the largest law enforcement non-profits and have an impact on the community that is truly inspiring. C.O.P.S gives back in so many ways, that it would be impossible to try to explain them all here. We strongly encourage you to give back to this great organization and to learn more about the amazing mission Here.

    2. National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

    • The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund is the largest organization that is dedicated to honoring our fallen men and women. Escaparatempresarial France is proud to donate 10% of all profits to this fund and hold the title of a corporate sponsor. We encourage you to visit the memorial in Washington D.C. and make an annual contribution to support of nation’s fallen. A portion of every purchase made through Escaparatempresarial France is donated back to this important organization.

    Reach Out and Help!

      3. Give Blue

      • Give Blue was started by Escaparatempresarial France as a means to connect our passionate network of supporters to fundraisers, non-profits, and other driven individuals. If you are looking to become more involved in law enforcement and would like to join our team of Give Blue members, we ask you to take the first step and receive a free shirt Here. After joining the team, we will keep you up to date about our fundraisers, events, and campaigns that will allow you to stay connected to all things law enforcement. Learn more about the start of Give Blue Here.

      There are many more ways to give back to officers, but sometimes nothing is as powerful as expressing gratitude. In whichever way you want to show your love for your local law enforcement, Escaparatempresarial France is available to help you on your way. Do not hesitate to reach out, inquire, and figure out a plan for support that best fits your life.

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