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Quantum was also calculated Cumbria's carbon output. The county produces 7.42 million tonnes of carbon a year 52 per cent from industry and commerce. Transport equates to 29 per cent, households 17 per cent and land use 2 per cent. In response to these findings they suggested the specific targeting of small and medium sized businesses to ensure that they stay competitive in a market where green credentials can mean the difference between winning and losing a lucrative contract. It also pressed for low carbon forms of transport to be championed for the benefit of business, residents and in particular tourists.

The findings were presented to around 80 people from public sector organisations and businesses at a workshop at University of Cumbria's Newton Rigg campus earlier this week.

The establishment of Cumbria as a green tourism destination was also recommended, capitalising on enthusiasm for environmentally conscious holidays in response to the high carbon cost of air travel. Cumbria's natural assets could also be harnessed to generate energy and establish strong localised industries with new supply chains. Investment in technology including small scale wind turbines, hydroelectric plants, and ground source heat pumps, to power individual buildings would not only improve energy efficiency but also help to safeguard jobs.

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afford to be left behind."

Schemes could include biomass, tidal and wave energy, and businesses will be encouraged to micro generate.

Cumbria Vision is working alongside partners to transform west Cumbria into Britain's Energy Coast, a 2 billion Under Armour Curry One Boys

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issues raised by climate change.

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Cumbria Vision, in association with the county council and the Cumbria Strategic Partnership Climate Change Task Force, commissioned consultants Quantum to carry out an assessment of the economic opportunities and problems posed by incoming European and UK climate change legislation.

package of regeneration projects that build on the area's globally important expertise and skills in nuclear to diversify into other areas of energy production.

The report says an estimated 1,500 new jobs could be created by branching into forms of renewable energy Under Armour Curry 3 White And Gold production that could easily find a home in Cumbria.

Renewable energy may create 1

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Under Armour Curry 3 White And Gold

Britain's Energy Coast Masterplan is a collection of 30 regeneration projects ranging from new training facilities, enterprise support and a new nuclear power station at Sellafield; to investment in road and rail links, alongside improvements to public spaces, cultural, leisure and sporting facilities. They key is not to view this in isolation but for everyone to work together on this important and pressing issue."

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Improving the county's grid connection to serve a new nuclear power station and off shore windfarms alone would safeguard 1,000 jobs, while another 500 jobs would be safeguarded at companies that rise to the challenge of higher energy bills and become more energy efficient, it is claimed.

A study commissioned by economic development agency Cumbria Vision urged a positive reaction to Under Armour Sneakers Black

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Under Armour Curry 3 White And Gold

Simon Sjenitzer, strategy director at Cumbria Vision, said: "Cumbria needs to respond positively to climate change legislation so that we can diversify the economy and establish the county as a centre for energy generation and innovation.

"Locally our reward would be higher paid jobs, more investment, improvements in skills levels; while nationally Cumbria will be able to play an important role in meeting the twin challenges of energy security and climate change. These are issues close to everybody's heart as we have a responsibility to future generations to start acting now. We cannot Under Armour Blue And White Shoes

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