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Under Armour Trainers Blue

Under Armour Trainers Blue

Lauren use a "flex" workweek schedule where employees work nine hours a day Monday through Thursday and four hours on Friday. This allows employees to have a longer weekend.

n Start by listening to music. Soft background music is known to help filter annoying background noise, relax both body and mind and help spark creativity.

With e mail, texting and ever increasing technology, it gets harder each day to leave work behind and take time to simply enjoy life, family and friends. This makes it difficult to find a balance between career and personal life.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the biggest causes of stress is lack of control and good time management. With so many demands on people each day, it's easy to feel like life is out Under Armour Shoes Youth

n Next, practice breathing slowly and deeply. It will increase blood circulation and energy. Take a couple of minutes to quietly meditate, think about something relaxing or pray.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

Keep a log of everything you do for one week and decide what steps might be required to prioritize what is important to you. Delegate when possible and eliminate things that are not a priority.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

"Daily physical activity is proven as one of the most effective means of reducing stress," said McQueen. "Since early stress is nervous energy in the body, then physical activity would be a natural release and should be the first response in dealing with it."

There are easy and practical steps to take to help lower stress levels and restore harmony to the workplace or home.

you work a 60 hour week isn't a merit badge. Take your vacation and use it to refresh and renew. Use your lunch time to walk, work out or read."

He also reminds employees to actually use their time off. "Saying Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

"Stress in its purest form is a physiological condition (nervous energy in the body) which if not addressed can result in physical effects on the body," said Carl McQueen, a counselor with Freedom Counseling in Abilene.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

of control and there is not enough time to finish anything or enjoy life.

On a day to day basis, McQueen said learning to recognize stress and deal with it is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, an extremely traumatic or life threatening situation can lead to acute stress disorder or post traumatic stress disorder, as well as triggering an abnormal heartbeat or heart attack. If faced with an event this traumatic, seek immediate help from a physician.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

In cases of prolonged stress, consult a professional counselor or physician to help eliminate the possibility of depression and for guidance in reducing stress.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

There are warning signs of stress to be alert for: tension that can be characterized by "tight and hard" muscles especially in the neck, feeling "jumpy" or irritable and generally feeling nervous and unable to focus. Any of these could be a symptom of the early stages of stress and a warning to deal with the cause of your stress before it leads to long term problems.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

"In general, you should spend 20 percent of your waking hours with family, exercising or on leisure activities." The other 80 percent is divided between work and responsibilities.

In addition, Porter said there are things employers can do to create a low stress atmosphere at work.

Most people do not realize long term stress can take a toll on the body, leading to a weakened immune system, cardiovascular disease, stomach and intestinal problems and muscle pain.

Kevin Porter, who oversees human resources for Lauren Engineers Constructors, said encouraging employees to maintain a balanced lifestyle gets harder each year.

"Stress, or perhaps Under Armour Trainers Blue distress that results from extended stress, is a major contributor to every imaginable medical condition," he said.

"Balancing a healthy lifestyle between work and personal time is a major concern and while there isn't a magic formula to tell you how to do this, there are a couple of things each of us can do."

Under Armour Trainers Blue

Porter recommends using a 80/20 guide to living life.

Give yourself a much needed break and leave the building during lunch, even if only to sit in your car and read. After sitting a few hours, take a quick break to walk, stretch or enjoy a moment outdoors. These activities will release tension that builds up in the body and give your mind the opportunity to relax and renew.

Reducing stress can improve health

n Take time. One of the most important and yet overlooked steps is to simply take the time you are given. Too many people feel pressured to work through lunch or breaks and often stay after hours when their minds and bodies desperately need time away from their tasks.

Acute or short term stress is the body's immediate reaction to a demanding or dangerous situation and your short term stress level is dependent on how long the situation lasts and how you cope with it. Cope with the immediate problem and your stress level will quickly drop and return to normal.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

"no," even to good things if they don't fit into your schedule or priorities.

Once you have prioritized your activities, learn to say Under Armour Running Shoes

McQueen said the effects of stress can be seen in the short term with acute stress, or in the long term in chronic stress.

Under Armour Trainers Blue

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