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MONDAY marks the 25th anniversary of the fight for Goose Green, the first major land victory in the battle to reclaim the Falkland Islands. It came 56 days after the Argentine military junta, led

But she insists her involvement is not driven by duty. "I wouldn't say it was a cross to bear the answer is this is the turn my life has taken and you can't just close the door on it," sheFOR some, a cruise on the QEII is the trip of a lifetime, but Vince Maynard says his trip was anything but a bon voyage.

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His battalion, the 2nd Parachute Regiment, had been ordered to attack enemy positions around the settlements of Goose Green and Darwin but, heavily outnumbered by the enemy Under Armour Shoes Volleyball

the peace, sitting regularly at Salisbury Magistrates Court and, inevitably, perhaps, is

"One felt hugely proud, but then you think yes, but H isn't here' and then you wonder what he would have thought of it all and what his emotions would have been."

The British response to the invasion had been instant, commandeering luxury liners, trawlers and ferries to join the fleet of naval vessels carrying a task force of 28,000 men to the southIf any two soldiers came to symbolise the Falkland Islands campaign to the British public, they were Simon Weston, the Welsh guardsman who suffered horrific burns aboard the Sir Galahad after it

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

Remembering the Falklands War From Salisbury Journal

the Queen to come through the door," recalls Sara, sitting on the comfortable sofa in her

Sara, 66, followed the campaign and watched the triumphant homecoming of the fleet, with its joyful images of family reunions, with mixed feelings. "It was difficult," she admits now.

associated with many Falklands charities including the Falklands Families Association, the South Atlantic Medal Association (82), and the Falkland islands Memorial Chapel Trust.

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and with the attack

The 42 year old colonel fell dying within a few feet of his objective but this single act of impetuous courage seemed to undermine the enemy's will to fight on and they quickly surrendered,

She is matter of fact about the actions he took. "They were struggling and he just thought we have really got to do something here'," she says. "You don't lead the battalion unless you are a

leader. People seem to think it curious the CO might lead, but that's what he's there for and there comes a time when leading from the front is the option you are presented with."

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

Shot in the neck as he raced forward, he was seen to fall and roll backwards down the hill, but picked himself up and continued his assault amid a barrage of enemy fire.

"You got into a routine the first thing you did every day was run ten times round the boat quite a distance," he recalls. Once they reached South Georgia, they disembarked onto a couple of

faltering, Col Jones took desperate measures to break the deadlock.

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

by General Galtieri, invaded the British overseas territory, claiming Argentine sovereignty over the islands known as the Malvinas.

"It was no picnic," he admits.

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

was bombed, and Lieutenant Colonel "H" Jones, the highest ranking officer to lose his life Under Armour Curry 3 Magi during the fighting.

laying the foundations for the victory which was to come when the islands were liberated on June 14.

Under Armour Curry 3 Magi

She came to live in Great Wishford the year after H's death and her days are full. She is a justice of Under Armour Curry 1 Lux Mid - Men's

Showing complete disregard for his own safety, he seized a sub machine gun and charged up a short slope towards the machine gun nest whose fire was pinning his men down.

A few months later, with the Falklands once again in British hands, his widow Sara and teenage sons, Rupert and David, went to Buckingham Palace to receive the Victoria Cross awarded to Col Jones"We went into a huge room and the boys and I stood there nervously hopping from foot to foot waiting for Under Armour Micro G Charge Volt

service as a transport ship, taking troops to the south

A staff sergeant with the Royal Engineers when he set sail from Southampton on May 12, 1982, Vince, 65, made the journey to the Falklands on the luxury cruise liner after it was called into

home at Great Wishford surrounded by family photographs of the grandchildren H never knew.

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