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Take a farm girl from Iowa, a mother of teenage twins, a fitness expert who went to Catholic schools and a self described "Jersey boy" and what have you got?

MORE: Young people, flip floppers fuel surge for gay marriage

Under Armour Black Basketball

Under Armour Black Basketball

Like Perry and Stier, they lead otherwise unremarkable lives: Zarrillo, 39, manages a huge multiplex theater in Burbank, while Katami, 40, produces home fitness products and videos. Their household includes two French bulldogs, Gordon and Gracie.

Under Armour Black Basketball

Story HighlightsThey work, raise kids, walk dogs and go to courtGays, lesbians have spent four years fighting same sex marriage banJustices to hear case next week, and a ruling is expected in June

"We want the broadest possible positive outcome for Americans," Stier says. "The more people that can benefit from this, the better."

"We live in the same Under Armour Shoes Stephen Curry I Can Do All Things

Under Armour Black Basketball

Sandy Stier, Kris Perry, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo have spent four years fighting California's prohibition against same sex marriage in various courts, a battle that will culminate Tuesday inside the highest court in the land. A sweeping decision in their favor could pave the way for successful challenges to other states' bans as well.

Their lawsuit claims that California's voter approved ban and, by implication, others like it violate the due process and equal protection clauses of the Constitution.

CDT March 20, 2013

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They're also just two workaday couples living the American dream, with one exception they can't marry their partners. And if the fame that comes with challenging Proposition 8 all the way to the Supreme Court has changed them, it's not obvious. marriage in various courts, a battle that will culminate Tuesday inside the highest court in the land. A sweeping decision in their favor only one of several possibilities could pave the way for successful challenges to other states' bans as well.

Perhaps the four people whose simple desire to say "I do" changes the face of marriage in America.

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Under Armour Black Basketball

what the Under Armour Micro G Shoes US

Under Armour Black Basketball

With one key difference, her partner Stier, 50, notes: a marriage certificate. "For Kris and I, it will make a profound difference in our relationship," she says.

Two otherwise unremarkable couples from California hope to change the face of marriage in America by convincing the Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage from coast to coast. Supreme Court.(Photo: Jeff Chiu, AP)

"We honestly think of ourselves as kind of regular, everyday guys," Katami says. "We're not asking for a special right."

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What both couples want is Mens Under Armour Sneakers

That relationship dates to 1995, when the two women met in a computer class. They moved in together in 2000, each bringing two boys to the household. And in 2004, they married in San Francisco only to have the nuptials annulled by the city weeks later.

'Regular' couples at core of historic gay marriage case

Katami and Zarrillo have been together 12 years, but they are Under Armour Black Basketball on the other end of the child rearing spectrum: They want to get married first, then raise kids.

California Supreme Court allowed for less than five months in 2008, before state voters took it away: the right to wed. During those months, about 18,000 marriages were performed, but Perry and Stier, Zarrillo and Katami abstained.

house; we drive the same cars; our kids are in the same schools," says Perry, 48, whose name adorns the case that already has made history, Hollingsworth v. Perry. "The whole point was to have this life."

Under Armour Black Basketball

Now, the four are hoping for a sweeping, national victory, one that would carry implications for up to 38 other states that ban same sex marriage. Under their best case scenario, "if we win, so many other people win," Zarrillo says.

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