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Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

who works in corrections. They know every con by their first names because it the same people coming through the doors on a regular basis. They get arrested, processed, released, arrested again, processed . It madness.

And as much as the Harper government has done to crack down on some this criminal activity through legislative amendments, they only scratched the surface.

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

a disguise with intent and 23 counts of breaching recognizance orders. But it nothing new Under Armour Charged

Our justice system is so broken, so tired and unresponsive to the needs of the vast majority of the public who are law abiding citizens, it sickening. It really is.

It almost funny if it wasn so sad.

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Judges and justice officials tell us the justice system is working well and just needs a little tweaking. No it not. How can you possibly conclude that a justice system is working well when we see how an accused like Woodward is dealt with by the courts?

If you charged with that many crimes and that many breaches of recognizance orders, you shouldn be back on the street, period. Because the people who pay are the victims of crime, the folks whose lives are terrorized by scum bags running around holding up convenience stores.

We need these people behind bars. This isn about locking up a large segment of society and throwing away the key, as the soft on crime crowd alleges. It about dealing harshly with the very small group of criminals who rob, maim, assault and attack innocent people over and over again. Ask any guard Under Armour Shoes Youth

Police said Thursday Woodward has been charged with five counts of robbery with a weapon, three counts of wearing Under Armour Red And Blue Shoes

And they just keep sending him back to the streets over and over again.

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

How else should someone feel when they allegedly rob multiple retail outlets, continually violate conditions of release including weapons possessions get charged with a new string of robberies all in a two year period and nothing happens to them?

And all the while he free to roam the community.

He probably laughs about it with his friends every time he picked up by the cops and hauled before the court to face more charges and for allegedly breaching more court orders.

We went through his court records Thursday.

Let see, Jan. 18, 2011, a court appearance for failure to comply with a residence requirement. Check. Oct. 23, 2011, failure to comply with abstaining from drugs and alcohol and failure to follow the rules and Under Armour Micro Charge Bb laws. Check.

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

I can really blame the 21 year old, whose facing a fresh set of robbery charges and a stunning 23 breaches of recognizance.

Jason Benjamin Woodward must think our justice system is one big joke.

Aug. 20, 2012 another robbery charge. Check. Sept. 1, 2012 yet another robbery charge. Check. The court records list more robbery charges, more failures to comply with recognizance orders and it goes on and on until the latest set of armed robbery charges.

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

Aug. 12, 2012, failure to comply with rules and laws again and possession of a weapon. Check.

for this guy.

He made numerous court appearances since then, including for multiple court order breaches.

Woodward charges date back to November 2010, including a robbery charge in connection with a retail hold up on Marion Street. He was charged in several other armed robberies that month, including a retail outlet on Nov. 8 on St. Mary Road and one the next day on Osborne Street. He was charged that month with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of wearing a disguise with intent.

Repeat offender makes mockery of justice system

Under Armour Micro Charge Bb

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