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"I'm sorry for the pain they caused," she said.

Mason said her approach is to "create a culture where offenders are held accountable and survivors are supported," and closed her opening remarks by asking the Board of Regents for "support and guidance."

It also calls for increased funding to implement the plan.

The regents and Mason met to discuss her comment last week to the Daily Iowan student newspaper that ending sexual assault was "probably not a realistic goal just given human nature."

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The regents govern the state's three universities and hire, evaluate and can fire their presidents.

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Rastetter, Mulholland and regents Nicole Carroll, Larry McKibben and Hannah Walsh met in person Friday with Mason at the board's Urbandale offices. Regents Robert Downer, Ruth Harkin and Milt Dakovich participated by phone. Subhash Sahai did not participate.

In the meeting, she stated her position: "I believe there is no excuse for sexual assault. I have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. And I know that sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor."

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Regents take no disciplinary action against Mason

"By failing to communicate in a timely manner with this board, you effectively gave us no other choice than to have this meeting today so we can hear from you directly rather than hear only news accounts about what is happening on your campus," Mulholland said.

campus, prompted a public apology from Mason on Tuesday and led to a listening session Thursday in which Mason told of her own experience of being assaulted.

Friday was the first time the regents and Mason discussed the controversy directly.

"What I meant was that we need to recognize that violence and crime are unfortunately things that we confront every day, and that this makes this issue complex and difficult," Mason said at the Friday meeting.

Rastetter said the six point plan would be discussed at the board's April meeting.

Going forward, she said she would like to call every board member weekly, "just to check in."

Mason apologized to the board Friday for not being more "on top of this as we could have and should have been," but also said she was frustrated that monthly meetings planned in December had not gotten off the ground.

But both parties raised concerns about communication problems that were magnified as the controversy erupted.

But in late 2012, Mason was the target of public criticism from Craig Lang, board president at the time, and from Iowa's governor.

But she also said, "We are here to support you, Sally."

Board President Bruce Rastetter said after the meeting that improved communication is a work in progress. "We want to be active as things happen before we read about them in the paper," he said.

Asked by McKibben, who joined the board in 2013, about the history of communication problems between her and the board, Mason said they dated Under Armour Curry 2 Pe

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Mason then unveiled a "Six Point Plan to Combat Sexual Assault," which includes cracking down on offenders and increasing support for survivors.

In her opening remarks, board President Pro Tem Katie Mulholland referenced Mason's public apology about her remarks, but said the "larger issue" is that Mason did not keep the board apprised of the situation.

Mason then turned attention to the issue of sexual assault and her controversial remarks.

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The remark set off more than a week of protests and discussion on Under Armour Shoes Neon

It's rare for tension between a university president and board members to spill beyond the confines of closed meetings.

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about the events on campus and to discuss improving campus safety.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason speaks to the Board of Regents on Friday in Urbandale about her plans to deal with sexual assault on campus. She proposed a six point plan that includes cracking down on offenders and offering more support for victims. It also calls for increased funding to implement the plan.(Photo: Andrea Melendez/Register photos)The Iowa Board of Regents took no disciplinary action Friday against University of Iowa President Sally Mason at a special meeting called to discuss her recent controversial remarks about sexual assault.

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to 2012.

He said the Under Armour Curry Back 2 Back Mvp Pack board "didn't contemplate" taking any disciplinary action against Mason for her comments about sexual assault. The meeting, he said, was intended to establish "direct communication" with Mason Black Under Armour Shoes Mens

Elaborating after the meeting, Mason said, "I'm a biologist by training, and I'm afraid that perhaps the scientist in me was a little bit stronger than the compassionate soul that I like to think I am."

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