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contract with Murrieta.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

Red light camera company spends big


Several Murrieta residents including Diana Serafin, the woman behind Measure N said they received automated calls featuring the voice of Steve Flynn, the former traffic commissioner who sued in an unsuccessful attempt to keep Measure N off the ballot.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

Serafin said she was shocked at the disparity in spending.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

The backers of Measure N, a group called Ban the Cams, have spent just over $1,000, mostly on yard signs that are now scattered across the city.

Redflex Traffic Systems is a public safety company, focused on making roadways safer and saving lives which is why we are supporting the No on Measure N initiative spokeswoman Jody Ryan said in an email.

A committee funded by red light camera companies has outspent its opponents by a factor of more than 100 to 1 in the campaign for Murrieta TMs Measure N.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

For the past week, glossy mailers have been landing in mailboxes, warning voters of the danger of voting to remove the cameras. One such flier features a picture of pall bearers carrying a casket on one side, with photos of wrecked cars and a toddler in a car seat on the Under Armour Shoes Online

In filings Under Armour Curry 3 White And Gold

Our cameras reduce the number of red light running violations and collisions, saving lives and taxpayers' money, Charles Territo, a spokesman for American Traffic Solutions, said in an email. Murrieta prides itself on being one of the safest cities in America and its red light safety camera program has always enjoyed strong support from the community. We hope they TMll show it by voting no on Measure N.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

A Redflex spokeswoman said the company hoped to help make the roads safer by supporting Measure N.

If it passes, Measure N would require the city to remove its red light cameras and to pass a law banning their future use.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

The committee also reported a $25,000 donation from another Arizona based camera company: Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. of Phoenix. Redflex does not have a Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

The committee reported it had already spent $50,000 by Oct. 20. It made a late filing this week, reporting an additional $55,000 contribution from ATS.

Much of Ban the Cams TM funding comes from Limited Government PAC, a local issues group run by Murrieta resident Bob Kowell. That group successfully backed three controversial voter measures in 2010 aimed at curbing city employee TMs pay and putting term limits on the City Under Armour Black Running Shoes Council.

I feel like David trying to defeat Goliath, Serafin said.

over the past week or so, Safe Streets for Murrieta reported receiving $105,000 in contributions from two camera companies. Arizona based American Traffic Solutions, which has a contract to provide red light cameras to Murrieta, has given $80,000 to the committee.

Under Armour Black Running Shoes

Flynn could not be reached Friday.

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