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Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Service members often hear about how job training and discipline gained during the course of their time in the military will help them when they transition to the private sector but I have contended with today job market myself, and I know that the transition not as easy as some might believe. Prior to my transition to the side as an officer, I spent 5 years as an enlisted Bulk Fuel Specialist (1391) in the Marines.

How to Translate Military Skills

The surefire way to get an interview in my department is to talk to one of us, or speak with one of my bosses, who can then request your resume directly from HR. While civilian certification is still necessary, a job as an EMT employed by a hospital is very competitive and military medical experience will be very attractive. Medical transport companies have many more openings for Basic EMTs, and offer an excellent way to transition into the civilian medical field, even if only to work a decently paid job while pursuing further education (there is a lot of opportunity for Nurses right now, and a 2 year Nursing degree along with certification as an RN is a great career opportunity).

Transitioning from the military to the private sector can be trying. Generating a civilian Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes palatable resume and readjusting to the civilian mindset for the interview and even in the workplace itself when hired is no easy task for many. The key is persistence, if you do not succeed in your initial endeavor to find your place in the civilian world, keep trying, and I guarantee you will eventually find success. Good luck!

the public sector as firemen, police officers, emergency response. There is also opportunity in private security, which is what I currently do for my hospital.

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

About Bradley Hood:

When I enlisted, I was offered a choice between Bulk Fuel and Motor Transport. Under Armour Kilchis Review

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Like many service members, I soon found that the skills I learned applied only to very specific equipment, and as a result found work in an unrelated civilian field when the need arose. However, the opportunity to use the skills gained by military service in the civilian world arise, and the difficulty lies more with learning to sell your skills as adaptable, and learning civilian lingo, rather than not having the ability and experience.

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

With Bulk Fuel falling under the occupational code of engineering, I thought I would be learning skills immediately applicable in the civilian world.

Something I found helpful, and free, was providing my resume to a civilian friend who had spent some time working with a temp agency. Her immediate reaction was to send it back with a big question mark, commenting at the bottom: have no idea what any of this means and this was after I made my best attempt to write a simplified version of my (then) limited experience! You would be surprised at how much of what seems commonplace to you is confounding to a civilian.

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes


Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Other jobs, like infantry, may struggle to find directly transferable opportunities as civilians. Even so, infantrymen have received a great deal of training and have a lot of confidence in their physical ability and discipline. Military service also demonstrates a commitment to public service, and I personally know many former infantrymen serving in Under Armour Trainers Blue

Finally, it also helps to know where to look. Most service members have a general idea of what kind of skills they possess from their service. Think outside of the box! Do not just use job hunting services check the websites of relevant companies and inquire about opportunities by phone or in Under Armour Curry 3 Yellow

However, while most places list a compendium of civilian certifications and specific experience required that you may not have, you may have comparable experience that an employer would be willing to accept, if you are able to write this into your resume in a way that a potential employer understands. In fact, your experience may be more desirable, because it also comes with a bundle of characteristics and training that the average civilian employee does not have: ambition, discipline, initiative, and a professional appearance and way of carrying oneself, among only a few of the perceived traits (It up to you to uphold this reputation if you get the job).

Though the opportunity is limited, and I have a more immediate interest in aviation in the civilian world, especially given my impending career as a pilot (SNA) contracted Marine, even a Bulk Fuel Specialist can find work. Several months ago, a Marine who recently separated passed word to some of the NCOs at my old unit that Philadelphia Airport was hiring they needed people to work their fuel tanks: gauging, testing, pumping, and transporting fuel. I was surprised to read in the job description a near mirror image of the skills I was trained in at MOS school. Such clear cut instances are rare, but they demonstrate that even for an MOS I thought unusable in the private sector; there are ways to use your skills.

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

There are a few options. You can pay to have your resume converted by a military to civilian resume expert. A simple Google search turns up dozens of these services. Additionally, I would be very surprised if resources like Military OneSource did not provide support in helping you make this transition.

Bradley Hood is a Marine Corps Second Lieutenant in IRR status with 5 years of prior enlisted experience. He is a recent graduate of American Military University, and currently is working towards a Master degree in Military History through Norwich. Bradley lives with his beautiful wife in historic NJ.

Relevant Experience and Resumes

How to Convert Military Jargon

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