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Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

Broncos coach John Fox was fined $30,000 Monday and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio $25,000 for verbal abuse of the officials during a Monday night game against Atlanta on Sept. 17.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

In Sunday night's Ravens Patriots game, shoving matches followed even insignificant plays. One TV analyst called it the substitute teacher syndrome: See how much you can get away with before the real thing returns.

"Unfortunately, I feel like that it's like changing an intersection from a stop sign to a red light," Browns kicker Phil Dawson said. "You have to have so many car wrecks before they deem that intersection to be dangerous enough and we're heading that way. Someone's going to lose a game, if it hasn't already happened, to get both sides to a pressure point to get a deal done. It's sad."

Soon after, Rob Bironas kicked a go ahead field goal.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

"These games are a joke," Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman tweeted.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

"Nature says for us that we're going to go out there and push the limit regardless," Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway said. "If they're calling a game tight, if they're calling a game loose, it's going to be pushed to the limit. You are pushing it to the brink. If things are going to be called easier, and in some situations I feel like they've been less lenient, too, you've just got to play and see how (it's being called)."

"We don't want to talk about the officials, trust us," ESPN's Tirico said. "But it's affecting the game. When we meet with teams and coordinators, frustration boils out into limited on the record statements. Off the record, what guys are saying it's a nightmare. It is impacting the game.

After a few seconds, one official indicated a stoppage of play, but another signaled touchdown for a conclusion former NFL coach Jon Gruden, working the game on TV, called "tragic" and "comical."

Replacement ref furor grows after wild Seattle win

The league and the officials' union met Sunday without reaching any agreement on ending the lockout that began in June. The players' union also called on the 32 team owners to end the lockout because it is compromising the integrity of the game.

If you can figure it out.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

Fox and Del Rio were hit for their sideline histrionics, particularly Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball when Fox was told he couldn't challenge a call of 12 men on the field he was correct that he could challenge, although replays showed the Broncos were guilty.

Before grabbing the arm of an official, Belichick wanted to know why Justin Tucker's field goal was called good in Baltimore's 31 30 victory Sunday night. He couldn't tell from his angle on the sideline, he said.

Certainly not holding back on the criticism are some of the NFL's broadcast partners. Analyst Cris Collinsworth was forthright in his evaluation of the officiating problems Sunday night, as were Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden during last Monday night's flag fest in Atlanta.

One day after New England coach Bill Belichick was confused about a decisive field goal he thought was off target and Detroit's Jim Schwartz couldn't understand a 27 yard penalty walk off for unnecessary roughness, things had gotten even more chaotic.

"So when the game was over, I went out and I was really looking for an explanation from the Shoes Under Armour Basketball

Most confusing was the mark off for a Lions penalty in overtime at Tennessee. Officials wound up penalizing Detroit from its 44 yard line rather than from the original line of scrimmage, the Titans 44.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

on the play, but as Gruden noted, offensive pass interference almost never is called on desperation passes.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

More fines are likely for Belichick and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and perhaps for others.

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

They didn't play well enough to avoid losing 44 41, and Titans coach Mike Munchak wasn't apologizing for how his team won.

Tate clearly shoved cornerback Sam Shields to the ground Womens Under Armour Shoes Black

Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball

Monday night when Seattle beat Green Bay on a desperation pass that many thought was an interception.

officials as to whether the play was under review," he said, "and I did try to get the official's attention as he was coming off the field to ask that, but I really wasn't able to do that."

Schwartz noted that the alternate official who helps the replacements with administrating penalties was on the Detroit sideline.

"I don't feel any guilt," Munchak said. "For us, really the obvious answer is there's nothing we can do about who's officiating games. It's the same for everybody, so go out and don't get caught up in all that."

"Most unusual football game I have been a part of," he said. Lang was even more emphatic, tweeting that the Packers were robbed "by the refs. Thanks NFL."

While most of the coaches are being careful what they say about the replacements, the players and broadcasters are less inhibited.

"Very hard to swallow," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. "I have never seen anything like that in my time in football."

"We said, 'You're enforcing it from the wrong spot.' He was adamant that they weren't doing so," Schwartz said. "At that point, we just needed to play."

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was awarded a touchdown on the final play after a scrum on the ground in the end zone. Jennings appeared to catch the ball against his body, with Tate getting his arm around the ball.

McCarthy was measured in his postgame remarks.

NEW YORK (AP) The furor over the work of replacement officials reached a fevered pitch during Week 3 in the NFL, especially Under Armour Shoes Model

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