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Under Armour Apollo 1

While the 1950 carnival was a great success, it was a bit much for the organizers.

Under Armour Apollo 1

can take responsibility for bringing television to Whitehorse be condemned for it, I guess but it here. But Rendezvous is also here to stay, he said. And that thanks to the many, many people who have contributed their blood, sweat and tears over the years.

Under Armour Apollo 1

Under Armour Apollo 1

Recollections of Rendezvous

were primarily First Nation people, although the head of the RCMP in Old Crow was one of the racers who brought a team down. To me that was an exciting event, because of the tradition of the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society registered in 1964, and this date is recognized for anniversaries.

competed with heavy sleigh dogs that were working dogs. Right now, all the racers are professional, that all they do, is train for dog races. And they certainly changed the dogs completely from the working dogs of those years.

Under Armour Apollo 1

think they done a great job this year. They got a lot of events and several new events. It pretty packed with activities. I think this will be the best one in many years. It will be the best, while still remaining true to its history, he said.

Under Armour Apollo 1

guess we all got burned out, or whatever. We didn run it after 1950. But it wasn too long but Whitehorse started to itch for a winter festival Under Armour Shoes Black And Orange

This year team has seen a lot of new people with fresh ideas, he said.

Rolf Hougen was a teenager in 1945 when activists with the Labour Progressive Party organized Yukon Carnival Week as a way to fundraise and promote its candidate.

And another unit was assigned to cut trees for a ski hill and install a tow rope, all as part of the training.

The candidate lost the election by a slim margin, and the party packed up its bags and left. Hougen was among the group of people that took up the reins and ran the Whitehorse Winter Carnival from 1946 through 1950.

could watch all the events, they could go into a bar, they could go into a restaurant. They would get cold. There was a place to go.

raised $14,000. And $14,000 was a lot of money then, compared with $14,000 today, said Hougen. army was in town for the festivities that year for a military exercise, and organizers made use of the soldiers skills.


Operation of that ski hill, located near where Hamilton Boulevard is now, was later handed over to the Canadian Air Force, he said.

people. That all they did in the wintertime, was use their dog teams on the trap line. The final year of the Whitehorse Winter Carnival, in 1950, was a very special year, said Hougen.

One of the great features of the festival, until recently, was its downtown location, said Hougen.

Under Armour Apollo 1

And Hougen, of course, jumped right Under Armour Apollo 1 back on board. He chaired the festival in 1963.

Under Armour Apollo 1

That was a unique aspect compared to what other towns were doing, he said.

Under Armour Apollo 1

The whole event was a fundraiser for a new civic centre that would later be called the Jim Light Arena.

Under Armour Apollo 1

said Hougen.

Hougen has been directly involved with the festival for most of its 50 year modern history as well. He has not served on the board in 10 or 12 years, but remains an active supporter, he said.

The communications unit strung wires and installed telephones between all the downtown events, Womens Under Armour Shoes Black

The carnival returned in 1962, taking the name of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival.

were no, what you would call, professional racers. They were all trappers who had dog teams. And they came from all over the Yukon, including Old Crow.

I was at the one last year and I shivered for about one hour and couldn get in the building it was so packed they had the one tent so we gave up very quickly and left. People can stay home and watch television, they don have to go out for entertainment. The irony is that Hougen himself pioneered reliable television and radio services in the Yukon.

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