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Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

The plunge into the 32 degree ocean, water proofed camera in hand, was just another dive, another continent to check off the list for Jacon, who has handled criminal cases in the county since winning election in 2005.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

He can discuss at length his photographs, which he said also hang in his home, recalling where they were taken and how he stumbled upon the coral, starfish, manta ray or school of sharks.

It all started on a trip to St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, with his wife Sandy in the 1980s. Jacon signed up for a lecture on the subject followed by a scuba diving trip. He loved it at first, he said.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

"It reminds me of all the fun and adventure," he said.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Sharks are his favorite, he said, and divers usually swim with them in organized feeds. Jacon said, however, they typically ignore the divers.

"Big fish all the time. Schools of rays, schools of sharks," he said of the Galapagos. "Once you get used to the big fish, it's kind of hard to go back to the smaller ones."

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Early next year, Jacon will head to hit the seas in a place he has not been Under Armour Shoes Nz

"The secret is staying in shape. Most people who die diving die from heart attacks," Jacon said, noting he's lost 15 pounds in the past year. "I feel like a new person diving."

other sea life. Jacon said his favorite place to dive is the Galapagos Islands, an Ecuadorian island chain on the Equator where sharks and other large fish are plentiful.

Earlier this year, Jacon went back to the site of his first ever dive St. Croix with his 14 year old grandson, Eric. Jacon had the boy certified to scuba dive when he was 12.

The former schoolteacher, town justice and private attorney has scuba dived all over the world, from Cozumel to Australia, the North Atlantic to the Galapagos Islands, since developing a love for swimming amongst sea life in the 1980s. He tries to travel abroad to hit the seas with his camera twice a year.

encyclopedias, and he chronicles his trips in photo books. He uses a strobe light underwater and close range shots to bring out the colors of the sea.

Diving, the 68 year old said, keeps him young. Indeed, the case that holds his Canon camera and a custom made, water proofed camera enclosure bears a bumper sticker more appropriate for a 20 something: "Work is for people who don't dive."

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

"I have 576 dives to date," he said. "I should be able to hit 600, maybe, this year."

"I found it to be boring after 40 dives," he recalled. "I said, 'There's got to be more than this.' So I bought a camera."

Colorful photographs taken dozens of feet beneath the ocean sit framed in the criminal judge's chambers amidst dense law Under Armour Trainers Black

"Because it was there," Jacon said recently, sitting in his well decorated office in the county courthouse before taking the bench. "Because no one goes to Antarctica, especially to jump in the ocean."

the Maldives, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. He had hoped to make it to India on the same trip, but he'll Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review save that one for the future.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Rensselaer County Court Judge Robert Jacon decompresses

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Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Review

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