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Blue Under Armour Shoes

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Last year some of the Sams contestants got themselves into some controversy over erotic shenanigans at the Jarvis Street Saloon and the Roadhouse Bar and Grill. Both bars had their Blue Under Armour Shoes liquor licences suspended for the violations.

Rendezvous returns to Main Street

In years past, the festival celebrations were held on the downtown strip, but for most of the past decade the festival family attractions and games have been held at Shipyards Park because it got too big for its old home.

Blue Under Armour Shoes

and we going to have all sorts of prizes and a mock casino, Beach said.

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Jesse Winter/Yukon News

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Shipyards Park will still be busy the following weekend with flying chainsaws and flour packing as usual, but Beach said this year the organizers have a lot more going on as well.

calling it Licensed to Thrill. We asking people to dress as your favourite Bond or Bond girl or secret agent, Beach said.

language is bureaucratease, and whose dark names we do not speak, changed the name (read: castrated the magic out) of the place I was born (THE Yukon, the Yukon Territory) to Yukon.

As for the turkey bowling thing. You really can argue that there is a side that is kinda disrespectful. Also can argue that there will be those in the crowd that honestly could not afford to buy a turkey, maybe holding the hand of a child that loves the stuff. If you can at least on some level, see this then you never really been hungry or too broke to eat regularly. Why not hit up the bowling alley for some cosmetically challenged balls and donate the turkeys to somebody that will dig having them hot and tasty on the table, where they belong. Work the donation into the bowling schtick somehow.

Officials from the Yukon Liquor Board wouldn go into details about exactly what happened, but the broken rules ban things like table dances, lap dances, touching, the use of animals, props or devices with a sexual connotation, real or simulated acts of violence or the sharing of food between the audience and dancers.

Later in the evening, the Frostbite Music Society is co hosting a concert featuring Vancouver band The Matinee and the yet to be decided winners of this year BYTE Battle of the Bands, which will be held in January.

aka the community spirit left. Glad to have it back on Main St.

The entire festival runs from Friday, Feb. 14 to Sunday Feb. 23.

Beach said that this year the organizers will be keeping a tighter leash on things.

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Other major staples of the festival, the Sourdough Queens and Sams contests, will also be in full swing this year, and the Sams even have a new home.

Blue Under Armour Shoes

And in Yukon You must have been born in after 2002, when those whose Under Armour Clutchfit 2 Low

Blue Under Armour Shoes

Cool to see the Sheepdogs coming up there! I slept on the hardwood floor of a mutual friend in Montreal beside them in 2010. Then they were unknown, and my friend and I were the only 2 people at their Montreal concert. Speakers sucked, but they sold me a CD and signed it. One of them had a BBerry with a broken screen, and used it to book venues. Funny how they blew up Neat really.

I moved up here because I heard Rendezvous was a good time. When this festival moved to the park IMHO the decorating ,dressing up, ticket sales in the bars, seeing old friends for a drink and a dance Under Armour Clutchfit Pursuit

just say there will be a few more hands on deck to throw a blanket on the situation if it pops up, she said, laughing.

The street party will be held on Saturday, Feb. and will include everything from frozen turkey bowling to ping pong ball dropping to a paint war.

Blue Under Armour Shoes

of the biggest events that we excited about is that we have (Saskatoon based rock band) The Sheep Dogs playing two different shows. The first one is already sold out, but we looking at ways we can expand our capacity and maybe sell some tickets at the door. The youth concert is free on the 21st, and Saturday night after the fireworks they be playing the main stage with a few other bands on the 22nd, she said.

also have a 50th birthday party that we throwing at the Kwanlin Dun centre on the 21st and that going to be huge. (Toronto based roots rockers) Elliott Brood, who headlined at the Dawson City Music Festival a couple of years ago, is going to be playing at that show, Under Armour Curry 3 Black/White/White

Most Rendezvous events, like this crazy carpet race, will continue at Shipyards Park.

looked at bringing it back to Main Street, and a perfect compromise is having the street party to celebrate the 50th. If it a success maybe it something we continue doing in the future, she said.

festival itself has grown substantially in terms of the number of events we host and the number of people who come into Whitehorse for the festival, said Rendezvous assistant manager Claire Beach. are events that we couldn throw on Main Street anymore.

Sams events this year, instead of being up at Mount Mac, we are retrofitting the old Trappers Lounge at the Ramada Hotel. We going to be taking that over as the Sourdough Sam Saloon and all the Sam events will be hosted there every night from the 14th onwards. It going to be pretty amazing, Beach said.

also good that it will be in our own event space instead of in one of the bars, so we should be able to keep better control over what happening, she said.

Check out the theme for Rendezvous 50th Anniversary Blast from the Past old time Yukoner wanted to see activities from the past, newer Generations who know the festival in Shipyards wanted to continue to enjoy what they now know the festival to be. Close to 300 volunteers give their time and creativity to this awesome community event. Visitors come from within and outside Yukon. You can please all and I thank those who plan and work 12 months of the year, many, many volunteer and staff hours dedicated to keeping the festival going. I respect people opinions, but this is a balance between blending the Yukon times to those we enjoy now. Does that mean we can pack flour because someone might be able to make bread from it? Does it mean we can throw an axe at a target because the wood can be used for other uses.

The birthday bash is themed as an homage to the culture of 1964, the year the Rendezvous crew became an official society. And what was bigger in the 60s than James Bond?

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