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Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

and red ties at open casting for Rob Ford musical

"I have an uncanny resemblance," Neil Sarel, a self described "country boy" who runs a small vending machine company in Caledon, Ont., said of why he wanted to audition.

Hopefuls showed up from as far away as Montreal and Ottawa, where Geoff Stone lives.

Toronto based Amber Kelly Mackereth didn't let her gender deter her from trying out for the role of Ford.

Under Armour Drive 2

Brett McCaig and P. Joseph Regan are writing the book and lyrics while Anthony Bastianon is penning the music to the comical stage show, which is set to run at Toronto's Historic Factory Theatre from Sept. 16 to Sept. 28.

pages of the story blank as they wait to see what happens.

"Rob Ford is sometimes portrayed as just a two dimensional character, but he really is a full three dimensional character. He has a lot of sides to him. What we're trying to do in the show is show different sides of the whole story," said Bastianon, who has written 10 original songs in the genres of pop, rock and country for the show. Tranny) who stands as "the voice of reason." Creators say the cast members have to be able to sing, dance and act.

the hooded eyes," said the intern at radio station KiSS 92.5, who put his own spin on "Rehab" during his audition, mixing in lines including "Listen, I'm not an addict" and "I'm not resigning" between musical phrases.

'Rehab' song Under Armour Curry 3 Dub Nation

Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

"Bobby Ford, right here. That's right, check it," she said as she shook her padded posterior. "If Rob Ford was a girl, I think it could work."

With Ford's life taking many unexpected turns, the latest being his treatment for an admitted alcohol problem, the creators said they've left the final few Under Armour Curry 1 Candy Reign

"When this was announced that they were doing a musical, all my friends were like, 'You gotta go, you gotta go,' so I was like, 'You know what why not?' It could be a door that opens another door to another door, right?"

They insist the show isn't about bashing the mayor, whose slew of antics range from admissions of trying crack cocaine and using drugs while in office, to being caught on multiple cellphone videos appearing intoxicated and uttering profanities on national TV.

"The resemblance to Rob Ford, it's fun. I mean, it's Under Armour Drive 2 a joke. I have another buddy who looks like him, takes it very personally. I don't, it's fun."

Under Armour Drive 2

"I'm sorry for all the times that I lied, even when caught red handed I still denied," he sang before launching into the chorus: "I was probably in a drunken stupor, oops, I made a blooper, I'm a drug abuser and now it's all over the news."

"We both have the same triple chin, so that helps, and Under Armour Shoes New Model

Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

Under Armour Drive 2

Monday's open "colour blind casting" for the roles of the Ford brothers and Tranny drew in a diverse group of professional and amateur actors of a wide range of ages and nationalities.

Under Armour Drive 2

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