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Under Armour Trainers Ladies

knocking it out. They charged it and men were killed as the Japanese opened fire.

"They brought back documents and photos from dead Japanese," Wilkinson said. "I thought, 'This is the enemy? They have families too.'"

"Charles was a scamp, a real born leader. He missed receiving the Burmese Star because he was killed before it was thought of," Greenwood said, adding Hoey's grandfather was Major General Charles R. Simpson, the colonel of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

"I called myself the office boy and I hated it," said Wilkinson. "But for the war, I never would have met Charles Hoey and never would have come to Duncan."

"During the second Arakan campaign in late '43, early '44, we were menaced by a Jap machine gun nest in a place called the Admin. Box.

At that meeting, Wilkinson was a lieutenant in the 71st Infantry Brigade (Indian Army) while Hoey was a company commander of the First Lincolnshire Regiment.

But Hoey wasn't through winning medals.

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Remembering Cowichan's most prominent war hero

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Construction on the $1.87 million complex, spearheaded by the Legion, will begin this summer. It will be the second building named after Hoey who is said to be the only Cowichan resident to Under Armour Drive One

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Wilkinson, 77, was in town meeting organizers of the planned Charles Hoey Seniors Lodge on Bundock Avenue which will see some 27 Under Armour Shoes Micro G Women's

win a Victoria Cross from the Second World War.

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Charles grabbed a Bren gun from a fallen soldier and kept going, shooting and lobbing grenades at the enemy. He later died of wounds received in that charge."

Harry Wilkinson first met Duncan's Major Charles Hoey in 1943 during the sweaty hell of Burma's Arakan campaign in which more soldiers died of malaria and dysentry than Japanese bullets.

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Greenwood served with Hoey in the First Lincolnshire Regiment "later named the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment," Greenwood says proudly.

"Charles impressed me as being very unassuming and down to earth," remembers Wilkinson. "He always had a kind word for me."

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

Charles Hoey School in Duncan also honors the local native.

"I was reading a newspaper when Charles spotted me and said, "Hey Wilkie, how 'ya doing?' He could have ignored me but that's the kind of person Charles was.

Another person familiar with the Hoey family is Dr. Alex Greenwood of Nanoose Bay.

But Wilkinson said he prefers to remember the last time he saw Hoey. The two shook hands in Calcutta's Grand Hotel six months before Hoey was killed in action.

"The Victoria Cross was awarded to Charles posthumously in February of 1944," said Wilkinson, who related how Hoey qualified for the honour.

"Unfortunately, Charles and his men were given the job of Under Armour Curry 3 Review

"My greatest regret is not meeting Charles' parents and telling what I thought of their son," Wilkinson said. He said he laments the "very tragic" fate of the Hoey family. Hoey's sister died of suicide and his brother was killed with the Canadian Scottish in the Normandy invasion of July, 1944.

Wilkinson sipped tea and swapped war stories Wednesday with members of Duncan's Branch 53 Royal Canadian Legion.

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

The top secret raid landed Hoey a Military Cross and Hoey and Wilkinson became closer acquaintances. "I got to know him better after he won the Military Cross," Wilkinson said.

Under Armour Trainers Ladies

suites available to low income seniors.

Greenwood's three sisters taught Hoey at Queen Margaret's School which taught boys up to 10 years old in those days. Wilkinson Under Armour Trainers Ladies is retired in Vancouver. He left Burma in 1946 and eventually served as manager with the Jericho Tennis Club.

Not long after Wilkinson and Hoey met, Hoey led some 40 soldiers behind enemy lines during a night raid at Maungdar which Wilkinson says was "very hush hush."

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