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is a major blow for Calgary most popular sport.

Nenshi is busy the Calgary story, to repeat the mayor own Tweet explaining his latest trip away from the town which elected him.

The money is in place, bluesprints are in hand, and shovels poised but the slugs running the show at city hall are moving in slow motion.

wants to live in a city that has a great ballet, even if they themselves will never go to the ballet, Nenshi was quoted Wednesday in a CBC interview.

Now, faced with perhaps the most glaring example of bureaucratic crawl to face this council so far, Calgary mayor is not only out of town, he unavailable to even discuss the matter.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

You can almost hear the cobwebs forming as they talk.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Not at all, but it continued existence can certainly be placed on His Worship shoulders, given the grand election promises he made but one year ago.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Perhaps if soccer players wore ballet slippers, our mayor might find time to focus on the crisis back home instead, it be next week before Nenshi returns to the folks who voted him in.

hoped to have it up and running by the spring or early summer at the very latest, said Perry Logan, general manager of the Soccer Under Armour Shoes Black And Pink

Is that to say city hall culture of red tape is Nenshi fault?

role of government is to make sure they got spaces to do it in and the ability to be able to do this work. almost sounds like a soccer relevant quote, but alas, it was Nenshi talking to the Eastern press about the arts again. Sigh.

Meanwhile, in Calgary, there a disaster looming.

have a City Administration that has forgotten that it exists to serve citizens, not to blindly apply regulations.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

On Wednesday, he was busy promoting Calgary as a thriving arts and culture hub, and his tour itinerary included a stop at George Stroumboulopoulos television studio. Look how hip I am! : ) gushed Nenshi, again speaking to his fans in the Twittersphere.

problem solver. still reads the same on Nenshi own election website, under the banner, which served as one of Under Armour Assert 6 Mens the mayor campaign slogans only eleven short months ago.

The Calgary Soccer Centre, a facility serving more than 70,000 Calgary players, is the victim of the bureaucratic quagmire in question.

Instead of dealing with a soccer crisis impacting some 70,000 Calgarians, Nenshi is away on another Eastern Canada junket, including His Worship third trip to Toronto this year.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

need cultural shift at City Hall. As I have said before, we must move the City from regulator to Under Armour Womens Shoes 2016

Not a blood and guts disaster, but the colour red dominates this mess, nonetheless. It a tangle of red tape desperately in need of a mayor sized pair of scissors.

And that delay is why we need a mayor as keen on sports as he is on culture and pirouettes.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Red card for city red tape


One year after the indoor facility dome roof collapsed, taking three of seven pitches out of action, officials at the soccer centre are ready to roll on a $6 million replacement.

been waiting for them, said Logan, of the delay in getting the green light from the city.

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Instead, officials at the city recreation department say Calgarians will have to wait until next fall for the four fields, because granting a development permit is a glacial process.

With 153 games a week lost to ruined roof, and the soccer centre losing $5,300 a day to the closure, the delay Under Armour Clutchfit Drive Blue

Under Armour Assert 6 Mens

Instead of the whistle sounding by February, as soccer officials optimistically predicted, pessimistic laggards at the hall say the leaves will be falling in 2012 before players see new pitches.

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