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Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Relay for Life celebrates 10 years

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

She has already collected $10,000 with a half dozen more volunteers when they launched their first fundraiser on May 2 with David Laxton, Speaker of the Yukon legislature, as a host.

Saturday Relay for Life marks the 10th year the event has taken place in Whitehorse. The Yukon Canadian Cancer Society hopes to raise more funds and celebrate local survivors struggles.

She hopes to tell survivors to go nice Under Armour Black And White Basketball Shoes

Van Bibber opposed the closure of the office. far as I can see they have taken the Yukon off because they closed their office. And to have them say call 1 800 or visit a website. So many in our communities do not have access to Internet, as elders that we have aren computer literate, she said.

treatment protocol for my Hodgkin was so well known and so well defined and effective and so now it important to me that me and other people in Whitehorse Under Armour Shoes Images

Halliday said that his battle with cancer was a very one, in that his recovery was quick and his work insurance footed his medical bills. was six months of chemotherapy and then followed by a break and then a month of radiation, he said.

pair of shoes or have a nice dinner or use it for your bill that you need to pay, it no questions asked as well. Halliday endorses the idea. I think the more the merrier for cancer research. I think the more people encouraged to give in more ways that would be fantastic. And I think it nice to see local initiative as well, so I support that as well. Contact Krystle Alarcon at

Relay for Life donations go towards research, prevention initiatives and support services for people living with cancer.

But the relay won look the same without long time supporter and Yukon College chancellor Geraldine Van Bibber, who has separated herself from the society and started her own initiative, called the Yukon Cancer Fund.

He still experiences lingering side effects. never really fully out of the woods, Halliday said. have a higher risk of lung cancer in various parts of my neck and I also have to take thyroid medication on an ongoing basis because my thyroid was radiated, he added. and Yukon province medical services for the quick recovery. Cancer Agency in Vancouver.

Van Bibber and Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

other volunteers for the Yukon Cancer Fund aim to raise $100,000 so they can start distributing money to survivors and their families. She said she still unclear on how much will be given away.

contribute to the next generation of cancer research and also raise money for those activities, he said.

was done for economic and financial reasons. What Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers we want people to know is it just makes it cheaper so the money goes to the things that really matter like prevention and research, said the society part time organizer, Alanna Bennett. the fact that we still have relays is really wonderful because it still a place that people can get together and celebrate cancer survivors. I guess in the office there only one or two people at a time so at least we still have the relay, she added.

People have been understanding, because expensive to keep an office and staff going, Bennett said.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Van Bibber had been a volunteer with the society for over 20 years, knocking door to door when she first started to raise funds and awareness in Whitehorse. don want to take all the credit because there a lot of wonderful volunteers and I was just part of the cog, but very vocal and visible that for sure, she said.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Despite the closure in mid May of the Whitehorse office of the Yukon Cancer Society, annual activities such as the Relay for Life still live on.

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

Under Armour Micro Engage 2 Mens Trainers

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