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attempted in the family's detached garage. Meanwhile, a neighbor of his found the trail of burned paper towels in her garage.

"He made incriminating statements to be involved in all of this, and the fact that he assumed people would be home, since he was doing this in the middle of the night," Hannigan said.

In an interview, Hannigan provided more details about the events of March 24 that Under Armour Curry 1 Lux

Kowal allegedly visited two more homes, where he is accused of attempting to start other fires, Hannigan said. Those efforts, which included the attempt in the Glass family's garage, were not successful, the prosecutor said.

"I had that angry, violated feeling of someone having been in my garage," Glass said. "I look at the garage. Kowal, 26, with the crimes. Kowal, who is jailed on $500,000 bail, could not be reached for comment. Court documents say he lives at the address of his parents, Libertville Village Clerk Sally Kowal, and the director of the village's sports and recreation complex, Connie Kowal. They did not return phone calls seeking comment. His website also says he offers evaluations for criminal trials including competency to stand trial, sanity at the time of the offense, capacity to understand and waive Miranda and mental retardation.

When a Libertyville woman noticed that the side door to her garage was ajar on a recent morning, she investigated further and saw a trail of burned paper towels leading to the gas cap of her SUV.

Waukegan based attorneys Laura Horner and Michael Perillo of Noonan, Perillo, Polenzani Marks, Ltd. are representing Kowal. They could not be reached for comment on Monday.

has some in Libertyville scratching their heads over what could have motivated the crimes that Kowal is accused of committing.

Shoe prints in the snow then led to a home in the 200 block of West Cook, the site of what Hannigan called a "a major fire." Kowal is accused of setting fire to a rug in that home's garage, the prosecutor said.

Under Armour Trainers Black

Libertyville police say evidence found at the scene is linked to a string of crimes early March Under Armour Shoes 2016 Low Cut

His children, ages 2 and 5, were asleep in their home when one of the arsons was Under Armour Curry 2.5 Black

Reports detail Kowal

Hannigan said he then headed down the street to the Picnic Basket Restaurant, 501 N. on March 24.

Kowal lives with his parents a half Under Armour Trainers Black mile from all of the homes and the restaurant, according to police records.

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Under Armour Trainers Black

Although one acquaintance described Kowal as friendly and outgoing, a prosecutor said of the charges against him: "It's extremely disturbing."

The Glasses said they found lighter fuel dumped all over tools and on the floor near their children's toys in their garage.

Under Armour Trainers Black

Lake County Assistant State's Atty. Michael Hannigan said Kowal also is accused of breaking into a nearby restaurant that morning. He has been charged with aggravated arson a Class X felony that carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. He's also charged with arson, and attempted arson, and faces a felony count of burglary.

"He's always joking around with the customers," the chef added. "He's very friendly, outgoing and always conversing with people around here. He's never shown any signs of aggression.

"What is it that would make an arsonist want to do that, knowing that people are probably home, and just wanting to see something go up in flames, and people could get hurt?" said Anne Glass, the wife of Wil Glass.

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Under Armour Trainers Black

Under Armour Trainers Black

Under Armour Trainers Black

"We are not aware of a specific motive right now," Hannigan said.

"He's definitely not the pyro type," Jarka said. "He's definitely a gentle person, good witted and very kind.

After the restaurant, police allege Kowal went to a house in the 200 block of Homewood Drive. Hannigan said Kowal used a Bic lighter to set fire to a couch inside a screened in porch.

"You have this reality you carve out when you live in the suburbs where you feel safe," she added.

A chef at Tommy's Pizza Sports Bar, Josh Jarka, 29, of Fox Lake, said he's known Kowal as a regular customer since Jarka started working there six months ago. Jarka was astonished by the charges against Kowal.

Under Armour Trainers Black

Court records show that in May of 2004 Kyle Kowal was charged with a burglary of less than $300, and given court supervision for a year. Court supervision also resulted from a DUI charge in Vernon Hills in 2006, according to records.

Kowal had visited Tommy's Pizza Sports Bar, 138 Lake Street, the night of March 23, according to Hannigan.

24 that included one other attempted arson, and two cases where fires were set in homes.

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