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Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

HORNETS: 1. Mitch Bolton, Grand Junction; 2. Dan Calender, Colorado Springs; 3. Jacob Hazlett, Fort Morgan; 4. Collin Under Armour Fat Tire Mid

After raining out the weekend of October 8 9, track owner Butch Speicher decided to hold out for two weeks, and his instincts paid off. Fans and racers came from Utah, Wyoming Nebraska and Kansas to get a piece of the Colorado sunshine and fight for a piece of the glory.

Record number of racers at Fall Classic

A final look at the 10 fastest Fall Classic finishers in each division. Today's photo from Crystal Dirkes is of Brush's John Hansen (8), who finished fourth in the Fall Classic modifieds main event.

Starting with the Dwarfs main event, a little squirmish and a couple of spinouts changed the lead several times. In the end, 87 Shane Simper from Vernal Utah, captured the checkered flag. Allen Hawking also from Vernal took second and Dave McCray from Parker was third.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

These races were used to determine line up for the main events. Sunday's fans were also treated with a race involving the Hooligans.

Hunter, Greeley; 6. Rich Smythe, Greeley; 7. Jimmy Hogue, Vernal (Utah); 8. Joe Davis, Berthoud; 9. Stan Grippen, Brush; 10. Harry Baker, Colorado Springs.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Ursetta finished second just ahead of Greg Gustus.

270 MICROSPRINTS: 1. Corey Mallo, Cheyenne (Wyo.); 2. Austin McLean, Greeley; 3. Justin Mallo, Cheyenne (Wyo.); 4. Tyalor Bezanson, Berthoud; 5. Lance Bennett, Parker; 6. Blaze Bennett, Parker; 7. Kyle Surface, Lakewood; 8. Nick Hawkins, Bennett; 9. Travis Leiker, Lakewood.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

STREET STOCKS: 1. Angel Munoz, Lamar; 2. Casey Wohen, Ogallala (Neb.); 3. Mike Jensen, Golden; 4. Perry Misner, Garden City (Kan.); 5. Daren Racek, Lexington (Neb.); 6. Jeff Hunter, Henderson; 7. Chad Nelson, Canyon City; 8. Jeff Malick, Sterling; 9. Bill Smith, Longmont; 10. Josh Randolph, Colorado Springs.

MODIFIEDS: 1. Casey Delp, Rock Springs (Wyo.); 2. Dominic Ursetta, Arvada; 3. Greg Gustus, Brighton; 4. John Hansen, Brush; 5. Brett Smith, Long Lane Village; 6. Jeremy Frenier, Fort Morgan; 7. Brad Boyer, Monument; 8. Brad Shelton, Fort Morgan; 9. Garrett Sporhase, Holyoke; 10. Eddie Belec, Lakewood.

Back for the fall classic, the street stock class where only one car out of the top six in the starting lineup finished in the top six. This exciting main event opened with 21 cars, and finished with 13. The 63 car with veteran driver Angel Munoz from Lamar, started at the back of the pack and scratched and clawed his way to the win. Casey Wohen from Ogallala, Neb., finished second and 7x Mike Jensen from Golden finished third.

RMDCRAs: Under Armour Curry 3 Black Taxi

Jeremy Frenier and Dominic Ursetta started up front battled and exchanged leads for quite some time. All the while 2W who started in the number seven position, was biding his time and creeping up on the leaders. Heavy traffic, spinouts and good old aggressive driving, all contributed to the victory for the 2W Casey Delp from Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Jeff Klinkenfus finished second, and Michael Foggia came all the way from Colorado Springs to finish third.

It is hard for me to imagine twenty three straight years of anything . BUT . then I got to experience this crazy thing they call the Fall Classic.

Todd Brotemarkle started in the number five spot, but went on to take the win in the Econo division.

Close behind were Austin McLean, who finished second, and Justin Mallo, on his tail to finish in the third spot.

SPORT MODS: 1. Mike Shaw, Lakewood; 2. Bob Goetschel, Fort Lupton; 3. Rich Martin, Weldona; 4. Kyle Cuckow, Weldona; 5. Becky Dechant, Denver; 6. Britt Geist, Fort Morgan; 7. Pete Lupfer, Henderson; 8. Lars Johnson, Parker; 9. Ryan Moser, Englewood; 10. Tony Kahler, Westminster.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

ECONOS: 1. Todd Brotemarkle, LaSalle; 2. Mike Cox, Englewood; 3. Bubba Willox, Cheyenne (Wyo.); 4. Connie Cox, Littleton; 5. Steve Irsik, Brighton; 6. Justin Werner, Northglenn; 7. Cody Allen, Longmont; 8. AJ Meier, Hillrose; 9. Taylor Belemy, Brighton; 10. Darrell Smith, Littleton.

1. Shane Simper, Vernal (Utah); 2. Allen Hawking, Vernal (Utah); 3. Dave McCray, Parker; 4. Dan Martin, Vernal (Utah); 5. Jerry Under Armour Shoes For Girls 2016

As the racing came to an end, the pits came to life with beers, bonfires, barbeque and plenty of chater. Some of the drivers purchased carwash tickets from the "TuTu carwash girls" who were raising ca$h for Kids at Their Best, a nonprofit organization that provides after school activities for children. Sunday morning the girls donned their tutu's and shined the cars.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

The Sport Mod main event had 76 Mike Shaw Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls from Lakewood starting inside second row and fighting his way to the front position where he stayed to beat out Bob Gotschel, Rich Martin and Kyle Cuckow.

HOOLIGANS: 1. Jason Genson, Golden; 2. Jeff Klinkefuss, Golden; 3. Michael Foggia, Colorado Springs.

What is a Hooligan you ask? Well, the winner 28 racin Jason Genson rode all the way from Golden with his finger in the carbeurator because he broke the accelerator cable on the way. These motorcycle racers MUST ride their scooters to and from the races . other than that, the rules are pretty much non existant.

If you miss the racing action, we will be back at it on November 6 when we crown the Summer Series Champs and Start the first race in the 2011/2012 Winter Series.

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For Girls

Saturday night's action was mostly heat races to determine the lineup for Sundays final events. The 270 Microsprints were on the program for Saturday night only. The mighty Corey Mallo, driving 9M came out victorious in the 12 lap main event.

Racing was underway at noon on Sunday where the top 6 qualifiers from each heat race were pitted against each other in the "Trophy Dash" .

Rinehart, Falcon; 5. Alexandria Meiris, Colorado Springs; 6. Larissa Willy, Colorado Springs; 7. Joshua Davison, Peyton; 8. Karin Slack, Windsor; 9. Travis Brandt, Lindon; 10. Heather Maurer, Colorado Springs.

In the hornet division, Mitch Bolton from Grand Junction gave everyone a run for their money and took home the win. Don Callender from Colorado Springs finished second, and the I 76 Summer Series Champ Jacob "Blaze" Hazelett crossed the line in third place.

The Modified main event was a full field with 23 cars stacked to do battle.

Kent Stubbe finished the race in the second position but later on was disqualified because of a rule infraction. This left the number two and three positions to Mike Cox and Bubba Willox.

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