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Florence Moules implored legislators to reinstate funding for the Rensselaer Senior Center, which is set to close after the April cutting deadline. While Moules said that "some of those seniors have nobody," legislators aimed to prove that that was not the case, as they stood one by one to voice their "No" votes.

the legislature has until Dec. 10 adopt a budget.

Reid said the state's out of control spending leaves him skeptical of its promises for future mandate relief, especially in lieu of its absence from the introduction of the tax cap, and that time and time again, counties are forced into the role of Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's "the stepchild of the state government."

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

"We were concerned about the seniors, we were concerned about the library people too. We're just sick of not controlling the little bit we have," he said.

Before the vote, Troy resident Under Armour Boots On Feet

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

Legislator Kathleen Ryan Cassidy said that the county "should be budgeting in a more responsible manner" and "go with a sharper knife" to find cuts and potential revenue streams to prevent April's impending shortfall. Citing the lack of mandate relief with the state tax cap, legislator Michael Cristo said Jimino had done "a competent job" preparing the budget under such strict parameters, but that ultimately, "the Under Armour Cross Country Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

"Enough is enough," he said. "It's time that we said 'No.'"

Legislature Chairman Martin Reid called the 19 0 vote a "bipartisan lack of support" for Jimino's $312 million budget, which called for a 2 percent tax increase in keeping with the state's new tax cap legislation. The budget fully funded county services until April 1, when some $1.25 million in spending would be cut.

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

needs of this community are greater than this budget allows." Legislator Ken Herrington said that the county only controls about 10 percent of its budget, while the rest is mandated by the state. As the county continues to cut slashing highway department staff by more than half, using cheaper, less reliable materials on roadways the state continues to spend, Herrington said, a trend that cannot continue.

Jimino, who recently introduced a tentative union contract that would save the services set to be cut if approved by membership, said Thursday night that the county charter states Under Armour Curry Charged

"They see us as the ones who administer their programs and who pay for their programs, and we take that to our local taxpayers. And you're all right, it's gotta stop," Reid said as he addressed the legislature before his own vote of "No."

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TROY County legislators continued their ongoing protest of state mandates Thursday night as the entire legislative body voted unanimously against adopting County Executive Kathy Jimino's proposed 2012 budget.

Rensselaer County Legislators unanimously reject proposed 2012 budget

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

Minority Leader Peter Ryan added that the consensus "No" vote was the right move.

Under the county charter, the legislature's action reverts the 2012 budget back to Jimino's original proposal, with no spending or tax changes, according to Legislature Majority Spokesman Rich Crist.

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

Under Armour Micro G Limitless Women's

"It wasn't my original idea to go into this to vote no, but as we worked through it, I couldn't come up with a reason to vote yes," Reid said after the session.

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