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Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

It took the original Half Moon about one month to go from the Hudson River back to Europe and about eight months to go from The Netherlands to Indonesia. The replica usually travels at about 7 knots or 10 miles per hour.

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Rensselaer students take 'historic' Hudson voyage

"It's like a time warp to be on the Half Moon since you only see and experience what original sailors did," said Reynolds.

A total of 24 students participated in this year's on board educational program. There were also several teachers and more than a dozen adults. Students were from Rensselaer, Schenectady, Albany, Taconic Hills and The Netherlands.

as lookout. "This is a beautiful river, and very big. I love New York."

Over the past couple weeks, the diverse group of students have become a melting pot of urban, rural and European crew members, all taking turns with chores and duties on the 17th century style ship. The duties were actually 14 year old Dominique Giese's favorite part of the 10 day trip on the ship, also known as the New Netherland Museum.

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

The boat, smaller thanmany other 17th century ocean vessels, was part of Henry Hudson's expedition to find another route to transport spices from areas around Indonesia.

that truly stood out during this fall's program with student crew members sailing on the Half Moon replica, said Chip Reynolds, captain of the 140 ton vessel built in 1989.

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

The 100 foot ship will be docked at the Corning Preserve through mid October, said Reynolds.

"It was very nice and Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive I really loved it. This is the first time I've sailed and I think I will have to go home and do more," said the student Under Armour Shoes New Release

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

The ship consists of the captain's quarters, the officer's quarters, the masts, sails, a level below the upper deck where the crew would sleep, and the lower deck used for storage. About $1 million of renovations were made to the replica at Albany based Scarano Boat Building company in 2008.

To make an advanced reservation for a school tour of the ship, call the Albany County Convention and Visitor's Bureau at 434 1217.

"This particular trip was interesting due to the variety of weather. It was rainy, really windy, and the past few nights have been very cold. But we see that with all of these challenges that the students really rise to the occasion," he explained about the past 10 days with local and international students sailing from New York Harbor on Sept. 9 and arriving in Albany on Monday.

The weather was one thing Under Armour Shoes Color Red

The usual route was around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa into the Indian Ocean. Smaller ships like the Half Moon would usually escort larger vessels and protect them from piracy.

from The Netherlands who leaves for home today. She said she liked her turn at the helm, cooking, and Under Armour High Tops

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

The arrival ceremony for the Half Moon was held Monday with Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings and a Dutch welcome from Anneke Bull.

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

Under Armour Shoes Clutchfit Drive

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