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Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Micro

"If you want a popular hut on a weekend in January, February or March, I recommend you get in on the lottery," said Patrick Essig, a reservationist for the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association.

opened late in 1986.

"The sleds themselves have a mind of their own," he said. Under Armour Micro If you're going downhill, the sled is going to try to run over you, and uphill, it's pulling you backwards, he said.

REI Boulder presentation showcases adventures to the Never Summer yurts

"I visited one and was electrified by the shape and the concept and the culture," Ley said. "This is as perfect nomadic journeyer's place to stay.

"It would help break a newbie in to the winter camping situation without the drawbacks of building a snow cave or getting a mountaineering tent," he said.

Under Armour Micro

Stokley hopes his talk will dispel any fears people have about doing a winter backcountry trip.

Stokey also plans to talk about building a sled for pulling gear, and Under Armour Curry Shoes White

Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Micro

He added that the yurts are equipped with stoves, pots, plates and utensils, and that you can crank the heat up into the 70s if you need to it's almost like skiing in to a cabin.

Greg Graves, owner of Never Summer Nordic, said that in the yurt system, the winter weekends are usually booked in mid September. But he often books popular weekends, like New Year's, a year out.

Weekends at popular huts are usually booked by the time reservations open to non association members in June, he said.

Under Armour Micro

However, Ley discovered that it was easier and cheaper to build a system of yurts. A hut would have put him out $10,000 (in the 1980s), he said, whereas a yurt cost about $2,000 to build. He acquired a permit for yurts in State Forest State Park, north of Gould, Colo., and Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots

yurts, west of Fort Collins.

Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Micro

"I was looking for an outdoor adventure business, and that was probably year seven or eight of the 10th Mountain huts (spread between Vail and Aspen), and they had been so successful," he said.

"There's something about a circle."

The 10th Mountain Division Hut Association begins its lottery for the next season's winter hut reservations in March.

Stokley, who works at the Boulder REI, said one of his favorite things about the yurts is simply that they're smaller than most huts, so you have the whole thing to yourself and your friends and family. Plus, he thinks they're easier to book.

Under Armour Micro

Under Armour Micro

how to ski with a sled, which is tricky.

"The huts fill up sometimes a year in advance, and the yurts are, in my opinion, almost as comfortable, and basically you have them to yourself," he said.

"I found I'd rather have four walls around me even if they're circular walls," he said. Thursday at the Boulder REI store. He plans to give tips on skiing and snowshoeing and, in particular, will talk about the Never Summer Nordic Under Armour Shoes Black Stephen Curry

But the inspiration was born back in 1975, when Ley visited a yurt near Sun Valley, Idaho.

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