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Under Armour Black Sneakers

them. The same big guy came in and took the bowls away and stuck an iron collar on my neck and attached it to the others' chain. So now we're all stuck together. Wonderful. I tried to find a comfortable position as Usagi (I found out her name was when I helped feed the kids)I looked over and saw her looking down at them sadly, which is when I realized her tounge was cut out. I got back up into a sitting position.

to my hut. As I got closer I saw just about all the village's adults surronding my home. One of them noticed me and then they all started to clear a path for me. As I passed by them they kept murmuring something that sounded like 'good bye'. I finally got past them and saw what they were talking about. Right in front of my hut sat a slave trader carriage. I immediately dropped Mizuko's reins and tried to run the other way. The crowd of adults tried to grab me as I made a break for it, but I dodged most of their attempts and fought the rest of the way. Just as I took my first step out of the mob I felt someone grab me around the waist. As I fought I looked up and saw my father.

Under Armour Black Sneakers

Under Armour Black Sneakers

Red Rose A Gaara Story Blue Rose

"You're a pretty lil' girl aren't you? You'll probably be sold asa bed warmer."

Under Armour Black Sneakers

I struggled and fought as he dragged me to the slave traders. He quickly handed me over to them and they tied my ankles Under Armour Black Sneakers together and then tied my wrists behind my back before they tossed me into the cage that was connected to the carriage. There were a few other people in there, two small boys and a woman that I guessed was their mom. All three of them looked terrified. I settled down as I knew that I would not be able to escape anytime soon. The carriage lurched as we started to move. When I saw my father I glared and spit at him. Then it was his turn to glare as I grinned hatefully at him. I stared as my home and my village grew smaller.

Under Armour Black Sneakers

Created by xXWinterXx on Sunday, December 28, 2008

Under Armour Black Sneakers

leather sandals that all peasants wore. My sister always said that she thought I looked like a beautiful water fearie. That was before our father sold her into slavery. I had always thought my sister looked like a gypsy with her tanned skin and dark curly hair. She had had bright green eyes that could entrance anybody. Last I heard she had been sold to the palace as one of the emperors many concubines. I finished gathering the leather bags full of water and put them on our family camel, Mizuko. I grabbed her reins and led the way back to the village. As I neared the entrance I could see the children of other families starting to head out to the oasis. They avoided looking at me which caught my notice. They were usually pretty cheerful around me. I slowed a little but continued on Under Armour Gold Shoes

Created by xXWinterXx

Under Armour Black Sneakers

"Watch it bitch! We've got three days till we reach Sunagakure, which gives us plenty of time to break you."I turned my face away from him and held my nose in the air as if he smelled bad (which he did). We kept going until nearly sunset and then we stopped next to an oasis and the slavers set up camp. A large man came into the cage and untied us, giving a bowl of what looked like poo to eat. I refused to eat it and the woman tried to coax her kids into eating. I could tell she was stressed (I mean, who wouldn't be). I crawled over to her and the boys and helped convince them to try it. Turns out it was mushed up black bananas. I still didn't eat it, but they did. Theyhad small portions so I split mine up among Under Armour Clutchfit Drive Highlight

Under Armour Black Sneakers

"Well aren't you lucky?"

He started to laugh but stopped when I spit on him. He growled as I smirked. He tried to reach through the bars to smack me, but I was just barely out of his reach. My smirk grew wider as he started to growl from frustration.

"C'mon, you stupid bitch! I've already been paid and you're going!"

Red Rose (A Gaara Story) Blue Rose

I stared at my reflection as I gathered water from the small oasis that was three miles from my home village. I had impossibly pale skin for a girl that worked in the desert sun all day, with icy blue eyes, and such short pale blue hair that it nearly looked white. I was small for my age, both short and pretty thin. I was wearing a dark blue dress with medium blue shawl wrapped around my head and shoulders to protect myself from the sun. I was wearing the typical brown Black Under Armour Shoes For Girls

Under Armour Black Sneakers

Under Armour Black Sneakers

I looked over and saw one of the slave traders standing on the edge of the cage, using the bars to hang onto.

Gaara, emperor of the Demon Desert. Naruto, ruler in training of the Land of Fire. Sasuke, heir of the Uchiha Dynasty and the Sound Mountains. All three are friends and rivals. This story centers itself in the Demon Desert. The eldest Sabuku siblings, Temari and Kankuro, have refused the throne, leaving the task to the youngest child, Gaara. Gaara must to learn to trust, earning the help of his friend Naruto and a beautiful desert girl.

Under Armour Black Sneakers

Under Armour Black Sneakers

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