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That is, it yields generally positive results. Classic psychoanalytic theory is hinged on the practice. But if we look at the current state of research regarding human memory, it behooves us to adopt a cautionary view Under Armour Curry 2 Low White

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And maybe we never need to remember. Really.

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of memory its accuracy, veracity and reliability including those memories "recovered" through the use of therapeutic techniques such as hypnosis or the literal interpretation of dreams.

Remembering childhood trauma isn

When patients fret and perseverate about the possibility of repressed memories, I invite them to trust their unconscious. If and when we need Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe - Human Torch Bolt

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And, of course, this entire argument is based on the presumption that we can know Trauma A causes Symptom B. It might or might not, and it's not always a simple thing to know the difference. The lives of some childhood sex abuse victims are literally and permanently ruined. They complete suicide. They spend their lives in state managed behavior health care. They are driven to the brink of sanity and beyond. Some victims, however, astonish us by facing and Under Armour Womens Shoes Gray integrating this history without severe symptoms no depression, no bad dreams, no flashbacks, no impedance of normal and satisfying sexual courtship in quality relationships.

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Insight does not equal wellness. Write it down.

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Under Armour Womens Shoes Gray

Likewise, the recovery of a denied, altered or repressed memory is not necessarily a good thing. I've worked with combat veterans enough times to know that rejecting memory is sometimes the merciful alternative to going crazy. But apart from this extreme case, I promise you that recovering a memory in no way predicts or guarantees that a patient will improve.

So, we'll wrap this up next week by describing the resources and readiness parents need as they help their child include historical trauma in a personal legacy whether or not that trauma is ever recalled in historical, conscious memory.

But your question turns this inquiry around. What about a 3 year old who is sexually abused, a fact established by witnesses, medical and forensic evidence, and perhaps ultimately the confession of the perpetrator, but the victim Under Armour Gold Shoes

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I'm saying a denied, altered or repressed memory is not necessarily a bad thing. It is not true that all things unremembered necessarily cause or predict unhappiness or psychological unwellness. And even if there is clear evidence of unwellness depression, hysteria, psychosis, phobias, sexual dysfunction, self destructive behavior, etc. there are treatment models that do not require remembering to be successful.

to know, if and when we're strong enough to embrace a deeper, more complete reality maybe that's exactly when we remember the thing that needs remembering. I freely admit I'm personally attracted to this idea intuitively more than I am advancing it as proven fact. Jung.)

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is left with no recollection whatsoever? So, now, those people charged to love and care for the victim must themselves be responsible to manage and integrate the knowledge of this terrible event, and to be prepared to help the child do the same.

So many factors weigh in. Let's say the child doesn't remember. I would invite the parents into a cautionary welcome of this as a blessing. There is zero a priori need for this child to remember, any more than my firstborn needs to remember me holding him down at age 14 months, him screaming, while the phlebotomist from hell spent several minutes digging around in my boy's arm with a needle. (He's lucky. Wish I could forget.)

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