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Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Consumers snatching up the iPhone 5 may wonder what to do with their old gadgets. stores: ATMs that pay cash for used devices. stores and malls, that uses artificial intelligence to identify mobile Red Under Armour Basketball Shoes

His reverse vending machine reflects the booming market for recycling electronics or e cycling that's been transformed by the proliferation of cellphones, often replaced every 18 months.

"Who doesn't?" asks Shamah Kamon, a saleswoman at Teavana in Fairfax, Va., who has a few stashed at home. She says a customer was thrilled to cash in five old phones for $50 from the ecoATM near her store.

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

"It's great there are options for people to sell or donate their stuff" and thus keep them out of landfills, says Barbara Kyle of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, which promotes responsible recycling. Still, she says consumers should find out where their old devices are going, because many are sold to poor countries that trash unused parts, some of which contain hazardous materials such as lead that can leach into the ground or water.

Buy back programs. Companies, including YouChange, Recellular, YouRenew, BuyMyTronics, MaxBack and Gazelle, pay cash for used devices and provides prepaid postage for mailing them. Apple and Best Buy as well as wireless carriers, including Verizon and AT offer store credit for usable phones.

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Drop off locations. Most electronics retailers, including Staples and Radio Shack, don't pay for broken phones but will accept them for recycling. Others, including Target and Lowe's, have in store recycling bins.

CDT October 8, 2012

recyclers pay cash for used devices

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

"It's a great idea," says Ken Vargas, a shopper checking out the machine. He didn't sell his phone, because he says it offered $70 to $100 less than a likely Craigslist price. Still, he was impressed with ecoATM's convenience and "tech friendly innovation."

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

at least 18 years old. Three quarters of the phones are refurbished and resold.

devices and assess their condition before offering cash for them. (Photo: EcoATM)

end, can identify a device and assess its condition before offering a price for it. Consumers can choose cash or donate all or part of the amount to a charity Under Armour Micro G Shoes of their choice. It spits out greenbacks up to $200 for an iPhone 4 after a driver's license is inserted to prove the device wasn't stolen and the owner is Under Armour Shoes Basketball Low

"People just don't like to recycle their cellphones," Berry says. She adds that people stockpile up to 75% of obsolete ones in drawers.

Story HighlightsRecycling options for used cellphones expandRobotic ATM pays cash for old devicesOnly 11% of cellphones are recycled

As cellphone sales take off, so too are recycling options for used gadgets, including a robotic ATM that uses artificial intelligence to dispense cash for mobile devices.

Charitable options. troops overseas. March of Dimes uses such cash for medical research on birth defects and infant mortality. Recycling for Charities and Eco Cell accept donated devices to benefit an array of causes.

EcoATMs, now appearing in more than 165 malls and grocery stores nationwide and likely twice as many by year's Under Armour Curry Two Low

"They're smaller and lighter so they're easier to collect . and consumers turn them over more quickly," says Walter Acorn of the Consumer Electronics Association. Plus, he says they contain valuable components such as copper, silver and gold. "Entreprenerus are stepping in to pay for that value."

Under Armour Micro G Shoes

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