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Here is the fundamental challenge. The public may include some individuals with the technical expertise to work through both sides of the story. Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots They may also find the circumstances that permit resource projects to proceed while protecting health, safety and the environment.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

One example illustrates how these factors come together to impair sustainable resource development.

A compounding factor is that it is far easier to criticize than to decide. To the extent that advocates take positions that test the evidence and lead to stronger health, safety or environmental practices, resource projects benefit. To the extent that advocates choose to oppose simply to delay or frustrate, they will always have the material they need.

safety conditions were added to respond to issues appeared as part of TransCanada's construction process for the Gulf Coast pipeline leg. They argue those conditions will ensure that independent inspectors will hold TransCanada to a higher standard. Their implication is there is a trust issue that Under Armour Shoes Black And Blue

This is where the rise of advocacy comes into play. Some advocates provide sound, evidence based arguments in favour of their positions. Others view their role as either to support or attack actively and continuously. The former leads to stronger projects and better regulation, the latter leads to paralysis.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

and that the issues for Gulf Coast were identified because of their quality control process and have been corrected. They view this as evidence that the public will do well to put their trust in the process.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

TransCanada's response is that the additional conditions are similar to those being applied to all pipeline projects, that their practices exceed regulatory requirements, Under Armour Shoes Gemini 2

So what's the answer? Let's reward companies for being transparent and for admitting and fixing problems as they arise. Let's reward them for continuous improvement. Let's accept that some advocates are eternal opponents and others are motivated to improve outcomes.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

could undermine support for the project.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

Regulators must be allowed to do their job

A similar example arose recently for the Keystone XL project. Advocates argue two specific Under Armour Shoes In Dubai

Certain elements of the opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline project illustrate the positive application of advocacy. A number of advocates voiced their concerns over the safety provisions designed into the project and the related emergency procedures. Enbridge made adjustments. The National Energy Board included numerous conditions that respond to the concerns raised. It will be a better project because of the role advocates played.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

That confidence appears to be waning. Why?

That's why we have expert regulators and we need to be able to trust their judgment. If we can't or we don't, the system begins to fail.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

The role of regulation is to ensure that a clear standard is set, that it represents the public interest, and that it is met by all. The standards are based on sound technical principles, but are always open to discussion. Public confidence that the rules are clear and will achieve their stated objectives is critical to their success.

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

Under Armour Fat Tire Hunting Boots

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