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damn at school. It's a societal change that we're seeing on the ice, to some degree, I think. They're just not as concerned about consequences as they once were."

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go without them."

"There have been other hearings at Hockey Manitoba this year and three hearings pending from very recent incidents," McIntosh says in the e mail, adding "the verbal and physical abuse of referees has to stop."

Hockey Winnipeg president Don McIntosh told league directors, co ordinators and other organizers by e mail this week that something must be done to stop attacks on the officials, who can be as young as 13.

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McIntosh said abusive behaviour toward officials appears to be mostly in players Under Armour Curry 1 Low Black

"Referees are a very valuable and Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 Red important part of our game. Our game couldn't Under Armour Curry 3 Copper

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"I'm told that referees are quitting because of abuse. Senior or management referees who we have in our system will tell you that," McIntosh said, adding he doesn't know the number of such resignations.

Glenn Asselstine, vice president of officials with Hockey Winnipeg, told the Sun that 16 incidents of such abuse have been reported since early January a sharp increase from what is usually seen in that period of time.

aged 17 to 14, "who quite frankly, don't give a damn on the ice, maybe, and don't give a Under Armour Womens Shoes Purple

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In the memo, he cites three Hockey Manitoba disciplinary hearings held within the past two weeks into physical abuse of referees or linesmen two involving players and the other involving a coach of a team of seven and eight year olds.

Winnipeg minor hockey on ice officials are increasingly facing physical and verbal attacks from players and coaches, as the abuse reaches what a local organizer calls an "epidemic."

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"Physical abuse of officials has jumped probably threefold in the last month and a half," he said. "It is very scary for us right now."

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Incidents of physical attacks on officials generally lead to hearings held by Hockey Manitoba, the province's governing body for the sport. Suspensions can and do occur.

Refs under attack

When contacted by the Sun, McIntosh didn't reveal specific details of the incidents.

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He confirmed, however, that the increasing frequency of the problems has spurred his call to community centre directors and hockey sub association presidents and co ordinators to "talk to the coaches" to bring more awareness to the dilemma, which has prompted an undetermined number of refs and linesmen to leave their positions during the past few years.

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