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Exercise also lowers insulin resistance and improves triglyceride levels key components of controlling or preventing diabetes.

The mother of two, doula, and childbirth educator from Potomac, Md., weighed 285 pounds, rarely exercised, binged on ice cream even though she had been diagnosed with type II diabetes and had to take medication to control her diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

HypertensionIf you have high blood pressure, you may only have to lose a small amount of weight to see the kind of changes you'll need in order to reduce or eliminate your medications.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

With more severe hypertension and more significant obesity like Silber Korn's it may take longer to get off medication, but it can still often be done with lifestyle changes, Harlan says.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

Exercise by itself even without weight loss can reduce your blood pressure, although whether it'll be enough on its own to get you off medication is another question.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

"Mediterranean diet." It's not as exotic as many people think that is, you don't need to be eating Greek salads and hummus every day. "The Mediterranean diet just means eating more legumes, fruits and nuts, and vegetables; more fish, leaner meats, less dairy, whole grains, and alcohol in moderation, plus much more unsaturated than saturated fats," Harlan says. "That's all it is."

It took her nearly two years, but after 75 pounds of weight loss, Silber Korn was able to get off the medication she was taking to control her high triglycerides and blood Under Armour Training Shoes Mens

Two months? It's true, Wilbur says lifestyle changes are not a quick fix for any of these conditions. You could take medication and see significant changes in just a couple of weeks. "But these are lifelong issues. Do you want to have to take all these pills for the rest of your life?"

"But even if you can't reduce [your weight] enough and you still have to take medication, studies show that statins combined with a healthy diet will reduce cholesterol that much more. It's synergistic to do both."

"About 25% fewer patients had to be on medications pursuing the Mediterranean diet," Harlan says. "But either way, you can reduce your chance of going on medications, or improve your chance of going off them, by at least 30% with dietary changes. That's huge."

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

"There's clear cut evidence, and has been for decades, that just losing 5% to10% of your body weight will often normalize blood pressure in people with mild to moderate hypertension," says Timothy Harlan, MD, associate chief of general internal medicine and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans and a former restauranteur who hosts the "Dr. "If you lose about 20 pounds, you may be able to go off your blood pressure medication altogether. I see this every single day in my practice. People who really embrace this and work at losing weight will do great."

So what's the best diet to help you lose weight if you have diabetes? Because you don't want wild swings in your blood sugar, it's particularly important to consult your doctor when making major dietary changes. But a low fat diet diet and the Mediterranean diet have been found to significantly improve blood sugar, although the Mediterranean approach seems to top the charts.

If you're one of them, experts say that the chances are good that you could dramatically cut back on the number of medications you have to take daily, or even transition off them entirely, if you make just a few lifestyle changes.

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"Often, a single individual will have all these conditions," says Jason Wilbur, MD, clinical associate professor of family medicine at the University of Iowa Carver Under Armour The Rock Shoes

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

At her annual physical, her doctor let her know things did not look good. "My doctor told me I was already dead on paper," she says.

Another healthy diet that has been found to reduce hypertension is the so called Under Armour White Shoes

In an Italian study that randomized half of people newly diagnosed with diabetes to a low fat diet and the other half to Mediterranean diet principles, 30% of the low fat diet participants did not need to go on diabetes medications, while 66% of Mediterranean dieters were able to avoid medication.

After a couple of weeks of crying, Silber Korn decided it was time to make a change. She started slowly, walking during her half hour lunch break, and cutting down on what she ate and not bingeing on candy bars. The weight started to come off. When she'd lost about 40 pounds, she started going to the gym and ramping up her workouts.

Of course, you'll want to team up with your doctor to do this. Don't take yourself off a medicine without talking it over with your doctor. Your doctor should be one of your biggest fans as you work on this transition.

"In the short term after you exercise, your blood pressure will be up. But after you've been exercising aerobically that means moderate to vigorous exercise for at least half an hour most days of the week for about two months, you'll have a lower resting blood pressure," Wilbur says.

Reducing Need for Diabetes

High CholesterolStudies have found that some people can reduce LDL("bad" cholesterol) by 10% to 15%, increase HDL ("good" cholesterol) by 20%, and lower triglycerides by as much as 30% by pursuing an exercise program. There is some debate about whether moderate or vigorous exercise is better, but some exercise is definitely better than no exercise!

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

DiabetesJust as with hypertension, losing a small amount of weight sometimes as little as 10 15 pounds, according to the American Diabetes Association can lower blood sugar. Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens Exercise also helps to keep blood sugar in better balance, experts say.

College of Medicine. "And I've seen a number of these people successfully avoid medications or get off of them by making a lifestyle change. What you have to do might sound really obvious, but it's not as easy as it sounds, because it requires a real commitment."

Millions of Americans are overweight or obese, inactive and eating poorly, and chained to a pillbox full of medications for a constellation of related conditions, particularly high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and osteoarthritis.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

pressure. Soon, she hopes that she'll be able to reduce or eliminate her diabetes medication as well. She still takes a statin to reduce her risk of heart disease.

Under Armour Micro Assert 6 Nylon Runners Mens

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