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Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

John spent 18 years at Ibrox, eight of them as a player and 10 as a coach. He possesses every SFA coaching badge and has held his European coaching licence for nine years.

"When I look back on it," he said. "I spent too many years with Rangers. I was in with the bricks at Ibrox and was going through the motions for too long before I left.

"I got a lot of criticism for doing it and people I thought were my friends started to distance themselves from me after that night.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

JOHN Brown says he can count his true friends on the fingers of one hand. Charles Green isn't one of them.

"I'm too busy rehabilitating myself at Dundee.

"I stopped to shake Charles by the hand after the service and wished him well with Rangers.

"Do I regret standing on the front step at Ibrox and saying what I did about him? Not at all.

It's the YouTube image of "Bomber" verbally battering Rangers' owner with criticism from the front door at Ibrox during the earliest days of Green's takeover that's left a mental image emblazoned on the minds of those who have deserted John.

But Brown and Green have now met for the first time, by accident, and drawn a temporary line in the sand where their conflict is concerned.

Throw in a row which has left keeper Rab Douglas a Dens Park exile after a sharp exchange of views with the manager and Brown's early days in charge could best be described as eventful.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"I always hoped I might get the chance one day to elevate myself from youth team coaching to the first team but the step up never came and I should have stood on my own two feet earlier than I did.

downs but now I think twice.

"They said the whole episode was embarrassing but that'll only be the case if I'm proved wrong about Charles.

job in the first place because of an old pals' act that started between him and Dens chief executive Scot Gardiner when both worked at Rangers.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"And I wasn't the only one who had reservations about Charles taking the club over. Wasn't Walter Smith part of a rival consortium at the same time?"

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"And if I can improve the club's infrastructure by starting up a scouting network and putting a youth development programme in place I'll regard it as the greatest achievement of my career, better than Under Armour Shoes For Men Black anything I achieved with Rangers as a player in the 1980s."

"There are people in the media who have what I call their coffee morning favourites," he said. "By that I mean out of work managers who they'd have liked to have seen get the job at Dens in front of me because it would have suited them.

He also drew attention to himself with his suggestion the best way for Scotland to deal with a troublesome opponent like Gareth Bale might be to take away his legs, prompting Wales manager Chris Coleman to brand him a "Neanderthal."

"It's up to him now to prove he has Rangers' best interests at heart and his first set of financial figures released showed a loss of 7million.

"He returned the handshake and told me to keep going at Dens Park.

"But nothing upsets me Under Armour Sneakers For Men

And created a negative mind set among others who have decried his appointment as Dundee manager, portraying him as football's equivalent of Hannibal Lecter.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"I'll admit I was surprised by the reaction of some former players to my appointment.

But since replacing Barry Smith at Dens Park, Brown has been accused by Dundee United's Michael Gardyne of sending players out to deliberately kick the opposition.

"That's not a great start.

That revelation was followed by another one, even more startling for those who equate Brown with one club more than any other.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"I might have had the upper hand on them when we were playing against each other and that has something to do with their objection to me.

"I'll admit I got hold of a journalist's mobile number after that but I didn't call him. And I won't.

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

"There was one radio programme I heard where I felt the criticism went too far and wasn't just about football.

"It was this week at the funeral of Irene Love, a kitchen worker who was like a mother to the Rangers players and an auntie to our children when they visited Ibrox," he said.

Then there are the allegations he only got the Dundee Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 Red

regret Charles Green comments

Under Armour Shoes For Men Black

any more. There would have been a time when I was less wise and mature and might have reacted to the put Under Armour Curry 2 Colorways

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