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Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Choice was running along the sidewalk on Algonquin Road and Third Avenue before he was crushed by the truck.

to step forward, but says she not looking for revenge.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Their memories of Choice echo sentiments expressed on a Facebook page which has more than 1,800 fans and hundreds of messages from classmates, family members and strangers.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

"Sometimes it takes people to time to build up the courage to see they've made a mistake," said Deputy Chief Rich Rozkuszka.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

cannot allow anger or resentment to consume me, she said. that happens, then I allowing myself to be a prisoner. Choice wasn at work or involved in various school clubs, he was at the Des Plaines Public library with his twin brother, Chance, and sister Unique.

"He was really nice he'd hold the door open for you, compliment you," said Christina Bronk, 17. "Basically, he'd make your day."

had planned on meeting, but he never answered his phone, the 15 year old said. always answered his phone. do not have any solid leads on the driver of the semi truck, but have passed out flyers near the crash scene in hopes somebody Under Armour Men Running Shoes

People in Des Plaines those who knew Choice Taylor and those who really didn are having trouble believing the 17 year old with the ready smile, nice manners and love of the library is really gone.

Loreene Taylor has made numerous pleas for the driver Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0

His friends have placed candles, stuffed animals, balloons and a cross on the curb Under Armour Drive 4 Lux at Algonquin Road and Third Avenue where Choice somehow became entangled in the wheels of a semi truck cab and was killed on Nov. 5. A black t shirt lies on the ground with the words: RIP CHOICE, and letters are tucked underneath bouquets of bright flowers.

Earlier in the week, a trio of Maine West students gathered to light a candle in Choice's honor.

On Tuesday afternoon, people came to the Des Plaines Public Library, Choice second home as described by his mother Loreene Taylor, to write cards and letters to the family. Markers and construction paper blanketed six tables and police stood nearby to offer updates on the hit and run case they still trying to solve.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

knows something. A truck matching the description has been identified, but police hope the driver turns himself in.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Anyone with information is asked to call Des Plaines police at 847 391 5400 or send an anonymous tip by typing "ICARE," and sending the tip to "CRIMES" or "274637.

thought it wasn real. They thought it was a mannequin, said Des Plaines Police Chief Jim Prandini. how unbelievable it looked. say the Under Armour Clutchfit Shoes

driver stopped about a block and a half from the scene, got out and checked for damage before driving off, but Prandini said he might not know he hit the teen.

Remembering Choice Taylor

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

Breanna Aguilar, a good friend of Choice said she was going to meet up with him later that night.

Under Armour Drive 4 Lux

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