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tough times, you have to have real time leadership. I understand America's place overseas, and I understand it at home."

"Not, today, again, I don't like the direction of the state," he said. "Again, I'm running against an incumbent, who's a Democrat. And again, with your help we'll win."

Next in the governor race came Steve House.

"This Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold year, it matters. It matters who we put up against Mark Udall," she said. "I will tell you, as someone who has had to lead in really Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 Pink

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

The Republican choices for Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman and Mark Waller, also spoke.

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

State Sen. Greg Brophy kicked things off for the five candidates for Colorado.

Coffman has been John Suthers's chief deputy in the Attorney General's office for the last several years. Suthers is term limited.

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

Finally in the governor's race came Tom Tancredo.

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

He described his vision for the state.

"I'm running for governor because I'm as angry about what is going on in this country and this state as you are," he said. "My anger at this point is set on the idea that we've got change our leadership."

"You all know it, it's about our kids and our grandkids," Kopp said. Under Armour Curry 2 All Star

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

He pointed out that the Republican nomination really Under Armour Clutchfit Basketball Shoes

House and Colorado Secretary of State.

He said he has remained an "undomesticated Republican," despite attacks from the left.

"I think we've got to use agriculture as our base," he said. "We've got to trust farmers to do what they've always done."

Republicans hear from candidates at Lincoln Day Dinner

"I don't care if you're a tea party, a libertarian, an American Patriot party, Republican, whoever comes out of this, we need to get behind that candidate," Randy Baumgardner said. Senate.

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"Everything rises and falls on leadership," he said, "and the fact is we've not been led well in the state. And we all know that."

He said as governor, he would focus on empowering individuals, not the government.

" And if we don't get our country and our state turned around this generation, where are we going to be? It's our obligation."

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

"I didn't like the way our state was going, so I ran," he said. "I ran on a conservative platform, an unashamed conservative platform. And I won that race, not by a little, but by a lot."

"Everything's been said about the way we want to run the government, about what we want to see in Colorado," he said. "Whoever ends up with the nomination in this party certainly deserves all our support."

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

Under Armour Shoes Black And Gold

Mike Kopp, former Senate minority leader, came fourth in the list of candidates for governor.

faces two opponents Hickenlooper and President Barack Obama.

"We need to remind people what the 10th Amendment is all about," he said. "It's been lost in the discussion in so many elections. But it is one of the most important. Senate; the nominee in that race will run against incumbent Mark Udall.

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