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Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

And it would create thousands of jobs in Colorado, Baer said.

She re framed how to look at energy use. Often, those who talk about energy look at it from the perspective of how it is used, rather than what it is used for, she said.

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

to produce up to 8.8 million GW of power that way. today.

There is also the potential of geothermal energy, Baer said.

Solar photovoltaic systems produce 989 MW in Adams County, she noted, saying it is feasible for the state Under Armour Boots Tan

Leslie Martel Baer, a member of the board of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society and an energy analyst, talked about the huge potential for alternative energy sources in Colorado.

Utilities and communities may want to take part in these kinds of energy systems. For example, Oklahoma and New Mexico are teaming up on geothermal fields already.

Changing over to solar thermal energy pays for itself in five to seven years in many cases when converting from propane or electricity, Baer noted.

Small hydroelectric systems could produce up to 900 MW just using the flows of water in Colorado without impairing the flows significantly, Under Armour Shoes White And Blue she said.

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

industry; how electrical companies try to avoid impacts to existing land use when putting in transmission sites; potential legislation on consumer renewable credit; a plan to build a waste to energy plant in Morgan County to turn trash into power; and how energy fits into the state's Economic Blueprint.

Solar thermal systems are five times as efficient as photovoltaic systems, and the use of these could create 1,500 jobs by 2020, she said. There are applications of Under Armour Boots Womens

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Wind power is becoming economical and more available, she said. Currently, Colorado produces about 1,800 megawatts of electricity and another 16,600 MW are planned.

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

However, there is a potential for the creation of up to 387 gigawatts in the state, although that may not be realistic, Baer said.

Renewable energy offers opportunities

this technology for agriculture.

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program can help agricultural operations and small businesses to create renewable energy systems; misperceptions of the fracking Under Armour Micro G Press Tr Women's Training Shoes

In Colorado homes, about 60 percent of power is used for heating or air conditioning. Another 27 percent is used for lighting and appliances, and 13 percent for heating water, Baer said.

If regulations were streamlined, it would be easier to build these kinds of projects, but if they are implemented Coloradans would have more disposable income, there would be more jobs and more tax revenue, Baer said.

This kind of energy efficiency makes homes more cost effective, she said. People could save about 30 percent on the cost of power.

How energy is used can make a big difference. For instance, heat pumps can move heat from one area to another, reducing the need to create heat or cooling. These kinds of heat pumps could reduce the use from 60 percent of the total energy to only 49 percent, and reduce heating water to 6 percent, Baer explained.

One way to reduce the costs associated with energy is to focus on energy efficiency, she noted.

They think about residential and commercial use, but she looked at how it is used for electricity, heating and cooling.

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

Under Armour Shoes White And Blue

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